Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ezy Pruners Ratchet Pruning Shears Review

I was so happy to finally get my hands on some quality pruners. In the spring time everything gets warmer and the vegetation around my house gets wild. I have vine like bushes that grow across my side fence, a crazy giant grape vine and tons of bushes growing in the yard. I had some cheap little pruners I got from Big Lots last year which kind of worked for a while and then broke on me. This new pruner from Ezy Pruner is like 1,000 times better.

These pruners are heavy duty. They are made of high carbon steel and cut up to 1" thick wood. I love the little lock on the handle to keep them closed when not in use. They are really comfortable to hold too while my other ones hurt my hand a while after using them. I did take them out to my snow engulfed yard to cut some thick pieces of stick vegetation to test out and they worked perfectly. I can't wait to use them every week in my yard and around the house. The blade already comes well-oiled as you can see. Don't waste your money on crappy products that will just break or not work as well and invest in something a little higher grade. You can usually find better products just by searching real quick on Amazon but when you do impulse buys at your local big box stores it just might not be worth it.  #EzyPruners

You can buy your own Ezy Pruners here on Amazon:

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