Friday, February 21, 2014

Pet360's Royal Canin Feline Maine Coon

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
I got the lovely opportunity to have my cats try out Royal Canin dry cat food courtesy of Pet360. They are totally different from Petco or Petsmart's website because they tailor to your pet. When you make an account with them you get to tell them about your pet and they will offer you  products based on that. They also have a nice little community for each type of pet where you can go to and ask or answer questions or problems with pets.

Now let's talk about Royal Canin. If you want to talk about the Creme de la Creme of cat food then this has to be it. My cats actually had the wet cat food cans from this brand and they loved it. The food smells good when you open it and doesn't just smell like tuna. To me, that's how I can tell when something is quality in terms of cat food.

As soon as I even picked up the bag the cats immediately came over. These are my two cats Peeper (black one) and Rusty (Maine Coone mix). Rusty is probably the dominant cat here and usually will push forward to check things out without being scared.
That's the face telling me to open the bag already.
Well, okay here we go!
I filled up a small bowl with just the Royal Canin food. He dove right into it. They almost look like Reese's Puffs cereal to me. Peeper wants some but she can only get close enough to sniff it right now.
So I decided to make a little experiment. I put their regular cat food which is Friskies dry cat food. I know this food is not that great for your cat but I caved into a sale. Oh, I also did not mention I raw feed my cats along with their dry food. Whenever I prepare dinner and have to trim the chicken I will put the pieces I trimmed off into their kitchen plate which they LOVE. It's good for them and supplements in what the crappy dry food can't. Getting back to the review....I wanted to see if I put their old stuff nearby if they would go for it.
It's funny because they both looked at it but they both surely enough ignored it and he went back to eating the Royal Canin while she watched and waited.

I felt bad and gave Peeper a few pieces to try. She gave it one sniff and immediately started to eat the pieces of Royal Canin.
I then put some of the Royal Canin on top of her Friskies food and THEN she went over to the bowl to eat. I think my little experiment was a success. Cats usually know what is the good desirable food and will gravitate towards it even if they are used to the low grade stuff.
Rusty and Peeper say thank you for feeding them the good stuff! I'm going to mix the bag of Royal Canin in with their other food. Oh , I also noticed that ever since my cat has even been indulging in small bits of this food his litter habits have been better. He actually was pooping about 3 times a day and now he pretty much has gone down to 1-2 times. This is more normal for a cat when they are on good food. There is only one drawback I have found with this food or any really good food. It's a little expensive. Pet360 sells this bag for $20.49 which is a little cringe worthy...BUT you can get them good food and always mix it with their cheaper food. It will make it last longer and hit them with some of the benefits of the better food.
He looks so young in this picture, awww. Anyway, I totally recommend using Pet360's website to order your pets needs. They have a bunch of great stuff and information there.
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