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This is my hunter Luthica from server Arthas. I have the Radiant Set (BlackSmith can craft) transmogged on her with Zod's Repeating Bow(ICC). You can look up my pieces here :}


 This is WoodyWoods from Lightning's Blade. He looks very Darnassian in his purple and goldish wood coloring. His helm is the Striker's Diadem which is hunter only quest from Temple of Ahn' Quiraj. His shoulders are a level 85 green called Snake Spaulders. He then matches the shoulders with the same set of pants and boots. His bow drops from a rare called Sarnak in Jade Forest. His gloves are called Njord Gauntlets and require level 68. He then finished with a matching Darnassus Tabard which completes the whole look! Very nice and woody, Mr. WoodyWoods.


 This is Zandel from server Proudmoore. He is basically wearing the whole set to the Striker's Garb. It's a hunter's only set sadly and can be found in Temple of Ahn'Quiraj through quest turn ins. The belt he is using is the Engraved Girdle which is a green. This belt looks really cute on females because it isn't bulky. His amazing bow is from Illidan in Black Temple.


 **I will never list class specific transmogs ( unless it's a real person's character being displayed) as I feel it is a total let down when you see something you like but you can't mog it because you aren't the class that uses it. Feel free to use these as templates and customize it with class specific pieces for yourself.**

This is the Amani Set for Mail wearers. You can grab these pieces in the ZA/ZG heroics or im pretty sure you can get similar pieces in Shattrath if you use your JP.


Want to look like a million gold? This is the set to be in. You will be blinged out! This is the Azure Serpent Set and there is a ton of ways to get this look.


This is one of those sets you have to dress up with your own extra touches because it's only a few select pieces. This is the Black Dragon Mail.


This is the Flamewalker's Battlegear Lookalike. It's pretty scary looking so if you're looking for that intimidating look then go for this! These pieces are located in the Fire Land's Raid.


This is the Lightning-Charged BattleGear Lookalike. You can gather the pieces for this set in the BlackWing Raid remake. That helm is creepy.


This is from the new Pandaria Raids. This is the Regalia of the Firebird Look-a-like Set. It's pretty open in the back and looks really cute and sexy without being too skanky. Check it out for yourself with the link.


Don't know why the helm isn't showing up in the 3d viewer (Shakes fists at WowHead) Well, here it is the Skyshatter Rainment Recolor. You have a select few pieces so you would have to play around with it but those shoulders are just super awesome.


This is a set that a bunch of mail users use. I mean let's face it there isn't a whole lot for them anyway that look sexy. This is the Blood Knight Mail and I actually found that a bunch of these pieces drop in Gnomeregan.


If you want to look like you are wearing plate then this is the set to do it with. There is actually a plate set with these same graphics. This is the Chief Brigadier Mail set. Very lovely.


This is a pretty decent looking set if you can find some nice shoulders to match. You could even put a cute shirt under for the females. This is the Combat Mail Recolored.


This is like the same set above but a little more scandalous. I actually like how the pants look on the male because it kind of looks like green cargo pants. So this is called the Combat Mail set but its just recolored.


Another set that looks like plate. I don't think i would show this helm...especially on the female characters..but if you like it then go for it. This is the Ironhide Mail.


This set really is one of those that look pretty unique and make you stand out of the crowd. This set is really hard to get because as far as in my experience i have seen a few drop in AQ. But this was very very rarely and when i have sold the pieces i was able to get a good chunk of gold for it. This is the Magnificent Mail Set.


Very nice black set. This is the Mercurial Mail set. Not too revealing but looks great.


This is the Ornate Mail set. Looks fabulous on females. That belt is one of the nicest thinnest belt you can get in the game.


This is the recolor of the ornate set. It's called Ornate set but the pieces are actually called Engraved.


I really love the recolors of this set. Same as above but this one is called Masterwork.


Another set that looks like plate. This is the Radiant Set and its a recolor of the set I have on my female orc huntress on the top of the page.


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