Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spooky Eyes Funky White Contact Lenses Review

Well, aren't I just a sight for sore eyes? I have seriously gotten such a response from everyone saying how creepy cool I look with these contacts on. I have to admit that they look pretty neat. I can't really go outside walking around in these but you better believe they will be awesome to sport for my upcoming Halloween attire. Want to know more about where I got these bad boys? Read on.

Welcome to the fantastical world of Spooky Eyes! They are a large site full of wonderful styles of different contact lenses. From Colored Contact Lenses to patterned lenses; they really have it all. Ever wanted to know what a cosplay paradise was? It's been here all along for the perfect eye accessory.

Anyway, the contact lenses came perfectly packaged in their own separate solution packets.

I got my contacts in the Funky White style. The brand is called Dream Eyes and the lenses are made in Korea (Which are the highest quality lenses I have seen around by the way). The only thing is you should have your own lens case to store them in because they don't come with that. You also have to watch the liquid in the contact case because if you aren't wearing them regularly the liquid in there will evaporate over time and might destroy your lenses. (It's happened to me once already >__< )

So how did they fit? They fit my eyes well and only bothered me for a little bit. My eyes got used to them and I was soon walking around at home with them on freaking out my boyfriend and kiddies, lol. They are a ton of fun to wear. As far as I can see right now you can get them for $21. The site is UK based so you will have to wait a little bit because they do come through Royal Mail. (Took about a week to get to me in Pennsylvania, USA)

Feel free to check out all the awesome styles you can achieve by visiting Spooky Eyes for yourself.

Spooky Eyes based in the UK specialize in crazy, natural and Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Stocking over 500 designs for many different occasions and amazing low prices.
Great to change your eye color, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to Sparkle and
party colors, and some amazing Halloween lenses to die for!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Tea Secrets Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Set of 4

These are so cute! I'm constantly going through different kinds of loose leaf tea and hate using the throw away bags. The disposable bags are expensive and not environmentally friendly. These eco-friendly infusers are so easy to use. You just pluck the top off by the leaf and fill the metal container with your favorite tea. It closes back up easily and you just dunk it in your cup of hot water. The infuser is very easy to clean up after as well. I just dump the used tea leaves into the trash and rinse it out. All of the infusers come with a bottom drip tray so that you can rest it on there after using. I wash everything manually but these are also conveniently dishwasher safe. I'm so happy with these infusers and will be using them regularly. There's so many different kinds of teas today that are loose. Do yourself the favor and get a good infuser so you can try them all hassle-free! #Teainfuserteasecret

You can buy your own Loose Lea Tea Infuser set here on Amazon:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Booty Fresh - The Very 1st "Private" Odor Lifter Review

With the name of the product and it's claim it was just something I really had to try out for myself. I actually am a sufferer of really severe underarm sweating and odor. I'm the type of person who has tried every single kind of deodorant and haven't found one that works perfectly. So I decided to test out this product on my underarms. I sprayed the stuff under there before showering. I don't know if it's just me but this spray reacted to my powerful underarms in a way I could never imagine. It actually made my underarms smell so bad. I just really can't explain the horrid chemical reaction that must have gone on, ha ha. I was totally turned off but let it sit while I washed my hair and other areas of my body. I then took my soap bar over it desperately washing it away. After my underarms dried I actually did notice a difference in how my underarms smelled. My stink was still there but very faint this time. I'm sure this would work perfectly for someone who doesn't have a severe underarm problem like I do but I am very impressed at what it did for me. I also did use this on my rear end but I don't really get a bad smell from there often so I can't really say if it worked wonders for me or not. I'm sure it smelled pleasant back there now that I have utilized this. This is really fun to use and I will be keeping it in my shower from now on.#LoveYourButt

Ingredients: Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Derived from the Aloe Plant (Mono and Poly-Saccharides, Tannins, Sterols, Enzymes [Including: Cyclooxygenase, Amylase, Lipase, Alkaline Phosphatase, Carboxypeptidase], Amino Acids, Saponins, Salicylic Acid, Arachidonic Acid, Lipids, Vitamins, and Minerals)

You can buy your own bottle of Booty Fresh here on Amazon:

SteelTime Ladies 18k Rose Gold Plated Tree of Life Pendant

Love nature? Then this might be something you would like.
This necklace makes me so happy since I'm into nature. I've been diggin' Rose Gold lately as well and this necklace is plated in it. The detail of the tree is precise and it looks beautiful when worn. The back of the necklace is plain so the tree is only in the front. The chain of this necklace is a little thicker than standard necklaces but I think that's because it has to hold the heavier pendant appropriately. The necklace is hypoallergenic which means I don't have to worry about catching a nasty rash from it which usually happens to me when I wear something with Zinc in it. This necklace can be worn casually or dressed up which is nice. For me, the necklace falls just above my bust line. It sits perfectly. I'm quite content with it.

You can buy this beautiful necklace here on Amazon:

SteelTime Ladies 18k Rose Gold Plated Spinner CZ Pendant Review

Looking for something a little more unique and elegant looking? Then look no further because SteelTime provides every type of jewelry piece you will ever need. This necklace is absolutely stunning in person. You really can't appreciate the beautiful way the cubic zirconias sparkle when the light hits it unless you see it for yourself. It almost looks like the whole thing is encrusted with the gems but that's not how it is. You kind of have a pure white base that they are in so it has that effect. The middle part and the chain is plated with18k Rose Gold which blends perfectly with the gems. The chain length isn't super long so it hits just the right spot to look elegant on you. I haven't had a problem with it irritating my skin so far and I am allergic to Zinc in jewelry. The "Spinner" part in the middle does indeed move if you want it to but it's pretty much the same all around it. This piece is gorgeous and I love showing it off.

You can buy this necklace on Amazon here:

Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones for Children DJ Style Review

Okay, for the price you really can't go wrong. I have them in the Green color. These are way better than ear buds but my opinion may be biased because I usually HATE ear buds. I did get these headphones to try out for my son but I decided to try them out to form a good opinion on them. They really aren't made for adults because the ear pieces are smaller than the usual adult sized ones. I can still fit them over my head though. I'm actually surprised at the bass and clarity of the sound these kids headphones push out. The cushions on them are pretty comfortable as well. I do wish there was extra cushion at the top of the headphones. The headphones have been getting a ton of use and they still work the same. Also there isn't really any noise reduction on these headphones but I guess that really isn't so important to a kid. All in all, I think these headphones are fantastic for kids and definitely worth it over high priced ones a child can break easily from being mishandled. #KidsHeadphones

You can buy your own pair of Snug headphones here on Amazon:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Glass Pendant Jewelry Making Craft Kit (Art Nouveau) Make Your Own Costume Jewelry Pendant Necklace

This pendant making craft kit is so much fun! It says it's for adults but I had my 11 year old help me do them. You just have to be gentle because the front part is made out of glass and if you drop it it might crack or break. You get everything you need to make your pendants. It comes with two types of necklaces so you can hang your pendants on them. You also get the glue which you will need to make everything stick together properly. There's three different shapes it comes with and it also comes with designed paper pieces to put into the pendants. If you really want to get creative you can just print out tiny pictures from online and cut them to the same size as the design pieces to make your own custom necklace. These are not stickers and you will need scissors to cut out the designs. The pendants look really pretty and high quality when finished. Everything worked flawlessly and it was easy to do.

You can buy this awesome pendant making kit on Amazon here:

Top It Off - Eco Friendly - Wine Stoppers (4 pack) Review

These wine stopper caps are so cool. I actually have many different kinds of wine stoppers at home. Some of them plunge into the bottle while others cork up the bottle with a large decorative piece on top. The problem with the large decorative pieces on top is that they won't fit right side up in my refrigerator. I like to keep my wines chilled. So yeah it's kind of annoying when I have to lean my bottle to the side in the door. So you get 4 adorable wine stoppers with this set.

"Rough Day" in black
"Sip Happens" in Red
"Wine Not" and "Liquid Therapy" in burgundy

I think all the sayings are very cute and witty which is my kind of humor. They plug down tightly over your opened wine bottle which will keep your wine fresher for a longer amount of time. I love the fact that I can store away my larger bottles of wine with these wine stoppers in them. They are very durable as well and easy to pull off the top of the wine bottle when you want some wine. I love these wine stoppers so much and will continue to use them over most of my larger ones. #mindbodyactive

 - Air-tight Seal
- Leak Proof
- Eco Friendly
- Reusable
- Easy to Use
- Great Gift Idea
- Fun

You can buy your own Wine stoppers here on Amazon:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Greenwald's All Purpose Cleaner Kit - Fresh Citrus Scent Review

This cleaning spray is really neat! You could actually make it to your own specific cleaning power potency. So you get the empty spray bottle plus 6 water soluble cleaning solution packets. What water soluble means is the packet will dissolve and mix with the water all by itself once you drop it in. The first thing I did was drop in two packets of the cleaning solution into the empty bottle. I then added warm water to it. You let it sit for a couple of minutes and then you mix it together. I used the clear tube attached to the spray nozzle to gently pick at it and then swirled it around for a couple of minutes until it was well mixed. I decided to use it to clean up my dirty kitchen floor to test it out. I sprayed some solution onto my floor and wiped it down with a paper towel. I was surprised at how much dirt this cleaning solution picked up. It left my floor clean and also left a fresh orange scent behind. I didn't even have to use much of the solution to get it clean. I'm sure this one bottle will last me a long time and it's a big plus that it comes with more cleaning solution packets to make more when I run out. This cleaning spray is definitely my favorite out of all my other cleaners and I will be using it for my stove, microwave, counters, table, bathroom sink, toilet and shower. #CitrusCleaner

You can BUY Greenwald's All Purpose Cleaner Kit here on Amazon:

Genie Best Collapsible Travel Pet Bowls Review

These pet bowls are really durable and have so much space within them. I thought they wouldn't be able to hold much food just by looking at them but I was wrong. I actually poured my large ceramic bowl full of cat food into one of the Genie bowls and it only filled the Genie bowl about half way. I couldn't believe it! These bowls are made of a nice and heavy material. The food stays put in the bowl and you won't really have to worry about it spilling out anywhere (unless you have a really rambunctious pet). I don't travel with my cats but I think this is really neat to have in the yard when I let them have outside time. I can fill it up with some water/food and let them enjoy themselves while I work in the yard. The bowls are also very easy to wipe down and clean after use. What I love the best is that they are collapsible and can store away neatly. This is definitely a must have for anyone who wants to take their dog or cat outside without having to drag their usual kitchen bowls with you.

  • CONVENIENCE Perfect for daily walks, hiking, camping, traveling and more - Great solution for pet owners to provide food and water for their pet(s) when they are outdoors. A safety gadget for pet owners who care about their pet's well-being and health. Store one in your emergency kit
  • ON THE GO LIGHTWEIGHT Bring these portable bowls with you when you take your dog, cat or pet for an outing. Use one for food and the other for water to keep your pet hydrated. Purchase comes with two bowls, one green and one brown modern trending colors (Set of 2). Ideal size for large and small pets. Perfect gift for your pet. Must-have for pet owners
  • COMPACT FOLDABLE Easy to carry travel bowl that collapses down to less than 1/4" thickness. Fold it - easily fits in a pocket, backpack or throw it into your glove compartment. Dimensions (opened): 5" Diameter and 4.25" H | Dimensions (folded): 8" L x 4.5" H x 0.25" thickness | each bowl can hold up to 2 pints (approximately 1L) of liquid
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL with a unique loop design. Can be used as a pet treat bag. 100% Safe for indoor and outdoor use. Made of long-lasting canvas fabric with waterproof nylon inner lining to prevent leakage (Note: The design is not meant for transporting water)
You can buy your own set of Genie pet food/water bowls here on Amazon:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

STEELTIME Women's Beautiful 18k Rose Gold Plated AB Swarovski Huggie Earrings (Jewelry)

These earrings are gorgeous. They are very classy and simple at the same time while providing an elegant touch that can be dressed up. Rose Gold has been something that I have been really attracted to lately. I think all the cutest pieces are in Rose Gold now. The Swarovski crystals sparkle so nicely. To open the earrings you simply pull them apart; attach into your ear and then close it shut so both ends meet each other. I love that these earrings do not irritate my skin because some cheap metals or metals laced with Zinc always seem to give me a rash. They also do not feel heavy hanging on my ear and are very comfortable. I adore these earrings very much and am happy with them. i have received lots of compliments on them as well.

You can buy these beautiful earrings here on Amazon:

Father's Day Gift Idea STEELTIME Men's 18k Gold Plated Watch with Matching 18k Gold Plated and Black Rubber Bracelet Gift Set

For the price, this watch really isn't that bad at all. I gave it to my boyfriend and thought it looked really nice on him. He said it was very comfortable to wear due to the rubber type strap it has. Not everyone may agree with the rubber texture being incorporated with such a classy watch face but I think it kind of mixes the elements of casual and business to make it business casual wear. There is a little plastic piece on the dial which you have to remove in order to activate it. The watch comes with a matching bracelet which also has the rubber incorporated within the stainless steel pieces. It's a weird mix but I do like it in the end. The watch and bracelet comes with a cute little gift box which makes it perfect for gift giving. Father's Day is coming up and any man would appreciate receiving this as a gift.

You can buy this Watch and Bracelet set on Amazon here: