:: WoW Plate Transmog ::

This set brought to you by the stunningly handsome Aulus from server Arthas. He is wearing various pieces from LFR on his body which he combined with craftable pvp plate pieces ( helm and shoulders).You can buy these from the auction house relatively cheap or have a blacksmith that can craft them. The weapon is from ICC- Cryptmaker  . You can get it from the Prince Valanar. The chest is from Ji-Kun ( red bird boss) in LFR. The Legplates are from Durumu (floating eyeball boss) in LFR. The belt is from Heroic Black Morass (Aeonus). The boots are from killing the Sha of Anger boss in the outdoor world and turning in that Claw quest. The gloves are from Emalon The Storm Watcher in Valut of Archavon in Wintergrasp. Awesome set and hope you find everything you need if you would like to replicate this set on your character with the links provided.


This set brought to you by ßlazë from Arthas. The chest piece is the The Exarch's Protector which is a quest reward from Auchenai Crypts. The pants are from G'eras in Shattrath. He is a vendor that you can buy from with JP. They are called Inferno Tempered Leggings. The boots are from the same vendor and called the Inferno Tempered Boots. The gloves are also from the same vendor and called Inferno Tempered Gauntlets. He is wearing a Red Martial Shirt underneath which you can get from the AH or a tailor pretty easily. His helm and shoulders are unfortunately Warrior class based and is apart of the Hateful Gladiator's set. His awesome sword is the Obsidian Edged Blade which you can get from Molten Core from 4 different bosses.You can find his belt from the vendor G'eras as well and it's called Chain of Unleashed Rage. His cloak can be found in Sunwell Plateau Crimson Paragon's Cover.



 This set brought to you by OreoJuice from server Sargeras. He is wearing the Conqueror Set which can be farmed in Outland instances or I know of the pieces can be easily found on the Auction House. His shoulders are the Hyperion Pauldrons...which believe me you do not want to wear the Conqueror shoulders because they are ugly as sin. His weapon is the Blade of Titans. What an amazingly regal looking set.


This set brought to you by Exhallios from server Korialstrasz. You can pretty much buy this set after some quests you start in Mists and get to your allies ...either the Hozen or the Jinyu. He added his own touches with the helm, belt and weapon choice. Good Job, Exhallios!


This set brought to you by Mordoth from server Arthas. His set has class specific pieces so if you're a Paladin and like this then you're in luck! Amazing set that looks great on a Tauren. :}


  **I will never list class specific transmogs ( unless it's a real person's character being displayed) as I feel it is a total let down when you see something you like but you can't mog it because you aren't the class that uses it. Feel free to use these as templates and customize it with class specific pieces for yourself.**

Here is the Glorious Plate set. You can find all the pieces you need here provided with the link. As you can see this looks very different on males and females.


Once again here is our lovely Blood Elf couple modeling the Vanguard Set for us. It looks like the Glorious set above but in different colors.


If greens are more your color you might opt for the Lofty Set. Once again another recolor of the same sets above. This one feels the most boring to me but if you like the colors then go for it!


Don't they just look so romantical together? This would be perfect for a Valentines' Day romp through Azeroth. This is the Bloodscale set. That belt is just adorable with other red pieces. :}


Feisty and Fiery this set is beautiful. This is the Hyperion Set. The female has straps on the arms as the male does not.


This is the BloodFist set and as you can see on the males they have like a pink in the innder thigh area. It might look cute if you can get a pink mageweave shirt to put on top to match with it...although you might look a little rainbowtastic if you know what i mean.


This is the Chromite Set if you're looking to be a little simpler. Apparently the males needed a belly plate top as well to look super fabulous like the females.


This is the Conqueror Set. It's like the Glorious but it covers you up a ton more. If you're looking for something that's shiny and stands out in the crowd but not promiscuous then this is for you.


This set is gorgeous. It's extremely hard to get this set. I have tried for a very long time and still have not been able to obtain it. Maybe I just have really crap luck with drops. This is the Jade Set.


This is the Overlord Set. It's very interesting. I would suggest picking out a thinner belt because I really think this belt kills the outfit. The shoulders look alright on the female but you might want to consider a different set for a male character.


This set is so lovely. If you didn't get the select few pieces from the quests in Nagrand then you can go back if you didn't do them but if you did already i feel bad for you. This is one of those sets that is just such a beautiful unique coloration. This is called the Revenant Set.


This is the Abandoned Fealty Battleplate. The helm isn't showing but it has like little bat wings on them...I dont think I would show it myself.


You can pick up this set in Ulduar. This is the Aegis Battlegear Recolored. I love the graphics that come from the shoulder and helm pieces.


This looks awesome on trolls. Wowhead just puts stanky faces on the female troll models so that's why I can't bring myself to show it lol. There is also a red recolor of this and you can buy most of the pieces from the vendor in Shattrath with JP. This is the Amani Plate set.


This is the Battlearmor of Immolation Look a Like. You can find this set in Firelands.


This is the Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear Look a like Set. Very strong looking. I am really not a fan of the WWF belts but you can find a ton of belts in place of that.


This is the Lawbringer Armor recolor. You can find these pieces in outlands.



  1. I love you & your website!!! http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=322#. This is my favourite...! Its perfect..the purple hehe.


    I enjoyed reading things on here!

    1. I love that set too and that's why its on both my blood elf paladins ( I have a female and a male ;} )
      Thanks for stopping by... I appreciate it! *Hugs*