Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spooky Eyes Funky White Contact Lenses Review

Well, aren't I just a sight for sore eyes? I have seriously gotten such a response from everyone saying how creepy cool I look with these contacts on. I have to admit that they look pretty neat. I can't really go outside walking around in these but you better believe they will be awesome to sport for my upcoming Halloween attire. Want to know more about where I got these bad boys? Read on.

Welcome to the fantastical world of Spooky Eyes! They are a large site full of wonderful styles of different contact lenses. From Colored Contact Lenses to patterned lenses; they really have it all. Ever wanted to know what a cosplay paradise was? It's been here all along for the perfect eye accessory.

Anyway, the contact lenses came perfectly packaged in their own separate solution packets.

I got my contacts in the Funky White style. The brand is called Dream Eyes and the lenses are made in Korea (Which are the highest quality lenses I have seen around by the way). The only thing is you should have your own lens case to store them in because they don't come with that. You also have to watch the liquid in the contact case because if you aren't wearing them regularly the liquid in there will evaporate over time and might destroy your lenses. (It's happened to me once already >__< )

So how did they fit? They fit my eyes well and only bothered me for a little bit. My eyes got used to them and I was soon walking around at home with them on freaking out my boyfriend and kiddies, lol. They are a ton of fun to wear. As far as I can see right now you can get them for $21. The site is UK based so you will have to wait a little bit because they do come through Royal Mail. (Took about a week to get to me in Pennsylvania, USA)

Feel free to check out all the awesome styles you can achieve by visiting Spooky Eyes for yourself.

Spooky Eyes based in the UK specialize in crazy, natural and Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Stocking over 500 designs for many different occasions and amazing low prices.
Great to change your eye color, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to Sparkle and
party colors, and some amazing Halloween lenses to die for!

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  1. they have a ton of designs that are unique and would be very cool for certain holidays. very cheap price wise, and totally worth it. these eyes in particular do look creepy or cool and seem to fit well. i see you're about to login to WOW and own it up, and also wearing a unique shirt.....FOR THE HORDE!