:: WoW Leather Transmog ::

This Transmog brought to you by Risaria from server Arthas. The belt is the only piece that is class specific (monk) but you can easily exchange for something that looks similar. She is basically wearing most of the Discovery Set.


This transmog brought to by McDoogit from Arthas. His belt is a horde only reward from the AB vendor Defiler's Leather Girdle. His helm is from the Arcatraz Helm of Assassination. His shoulders are from Uldaman Rockshard Pauldrons. His pants are a random green drop Scouting trousers. His swords are also a random green drop Rune Sword. His boots are a random green drop Righteous Boots. His shirt is a Stylish black shirt.

This set comes from the Zandalar heroics and im pretty sure you can get similar pieces from the vendor in Shattrath for JP. This is the Amani Garb (melee style)


 **I will never list class specific transmogs ( unless it's a real person's character being displayed) as I feel it is a total let down when you see something you like but you can't mog it because you aren't the class that uses it. Feel free to use these as templates and customize it with class specific pieces for yourself.**

This is like the above but its called the Amani Rainment. This is kind of like the caster style to it and it looks more birdlike.


This is the Armor of the Red Crane Look a Like Set. Not really feeling the pants but the rest looks great! Mix and match people!


This is the Assassination Armor Set. You can get these pieces from Outlands dungeons.


I really like the colors on this set. There is a brownish set that has the same graphics but i think its pretty drabby so i wont list it here. This is the Bloodfang Armor Recolor. You can get these pieces from Outlands dungeons.


I sat here waiting for the graphic on the shoulders to pop out so you can see that on the male model to the right. This set looks so badass. This is the Conqueror's Terrorblade Battlegear Recolor. You can get these pieces in Ulduar.


This is the Shadowcraft Armor Recolor. I think I remember a bunch of these pieces being available when you first started questing in Outlands. Lots of ways to get these pieces just check out the link.


I promise you , you won't have a big yellow block on your forehead but it was freaking out with the graphic of the small moon. The helm and shoulders are cute if you want to mix and match it with other pieces. This is the Nightsong Garb Recolor and it's found in Ulduar.


You can find these pieces in Firelands. This is a look a like of the Obsidian Arborweave Garb.

For the people who wish to look like a Geist. This is the Sanctified Shadowblade's Battlegear Look a Like Set.


The graphics on this set are pretty dated and you can tell but its still pretty interesting to look at. The belt looks cool cause it stacks with the belt on shirt. This is the Bandit Garb.


Ah, this set is just very primal looking. This is the Ceremonial Leather Garb. Mix and match to make this set complete!


You can probaly mix this helm and chest with the "pants" from the transmog above. This is the Discovery Set.


This is a nice simple set with some cute colors. This is the Fel Skin Recolor.


Lots of ways to put this one together. This is the Flowing Water Set.


I don't know if I would use this helm or the boots but the rest is cute. This is the RiverBlade Armor Recolor.


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