Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My experience with the natural conditioner Allurial's special formula

So I have been using this conditioner to try it out and in short I did love it. I DID find some negatives but nothing too bad. This conditioner is quite natural so it's different. There isn't a big lather which some people may not like. My hair smelled fantastic and looked amazing even just using it for one day. I did not use any shampoo affiliated with it though so who knows if that affected it. I have been using it with my Finesse shampoo if you're curious. The combo has worked fantastically. This conditioner bottle is not the biggest and costs $12 but might be worth it for someone looking to restore their hair back to a healthy state. My hair looks good most of the time no matter what for now. I don't even brush my hair as you can see...I just let it do what it wants. In short, I loved the conditioner and its beautiful Jasmine scent. It made my hair feel wonderful.

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About the product

Contains Silk peptides and EMortal Pea peptides that are natural proteins which keep hair glossy, shiny, thick and healthy.

Contains a blend of 6 natural oils that keep your scalp clean and your hair lustrous and healthy by targeting common hair issues

Each ingredient is natural, organically sourced and renowned for its ability to nourish, moisturize and soothe your scalp and your hair.

It is perfect for all hair types. You can look after your hair, keeping your curls bouncy, emphasizing your waves or making your pin straight hair look alive.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My thoughts on the book Surviving Death by Leslie Kean

I was genuinely excited when I opened this book up. I have always been into the paranormal and life after death theories. This book goes into detail about many well known accounts of it. You will never have a dull moment as you go into every single elaborate detail of each story. The author lays it out just how it should be laid out. The author of course has their own thoughts which come about here and there but leaves room for you to ponder everything yourself which I love. I honestly have not finished the whole way through but i can tell you that I totally love everything that I have encountered thus far. I'm almost done with the book fair to say that I got a good grasp of it. There are a few photos in there as well which is nice to see. If you're into weird paranormal theories then I say go for it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A painting of Hanzo with Acrylic paints from Art Treasures

So I usually don't do acrylic paintings because I'm not that talented with paints. I only use acrylics for painting figurines but I thought it would be best to show off the paints through an actual painting. I could slap myself for ruining a good pencil drawing but for the sake of reviewing I did it. It's not THAT terrible but you know I tried my best.

These are a nice set of acrylics from Art Treasures which I got on Amazon for reviewing purposes. The paints are pretty smooth and the colors are nice. They also dried relatively quickly once on the canvas.

For the price of $14 for everything you are getting I think its a pretty awesome deal. You honestly can't find stuff this cheap locally at a big box store with the same quality.

Here's the link for the product to buy it if you wish:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I thought about Finesse Restore & Strengthen Shampoo + Conditioner

I pretty much know Finesse is one of my favorite shampoo brands because I have used it before but not this version of it. Does shampoo ever get old? I actually used a "vintage" version my boyfriend's mother gave to me to use. It must have been sitting in her shampoo/conditoner collection for years but I used it anyway. It left my hair smelling good and feeling fabulous! This stuff is the best!

Anyway, so I told myself I totally wanted to try out this new stuff from Finesse. Strengthen and Restore my hair? YES! I don't think I quite need it because my hair already is crazy and looks pretty fabulous. I think it's because I don't color or do much at all to it. It's been stress free all my life.

I used this shampoo and conditioner for about 5 days straight now. The photo collage at the top shows my gorgeous hair before using it. Sometimes my hair really looks so shiny and healthy. I took pictures today showing how my hair looks after using it for 5 days. I will need to finish up this whole bottle and completely gauge it but it still looks fantabulous as always. Just to let you guys know I do not brush my hair at all. I just let my hair do what it wants. Sometimes I'll take a flat iron to straighten it if I am going somewhere nice or fancy which is almost never. This is it! This is how my hair always looks. As you can see, my hair is wild and has a mind of its own.

I'm in love with Finesse and I always will be. They are so simple and your hair doesn't feel weighed down. My hair dries faster using this shampoo and conditioner set than any other brand. I just adore the light scent on it. It just reminds me of a beautiful rainy day in warm Spring weather. My hair feels beautiful so give it a try for sure. #finessehaircare

You can find Finesse Shampoo + Conditioner here :

or here:

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Ozeri ProMax 500 lbs (230 kg) Digital Bath Scale, with Body Tape Measure & Fat Caliper

I've been using this scale for a week now and have had no problems with it. The scale comes with batteries so you don't have to worry about that. The design is beautiful and lays on the floor very easily. The scale doesn't take up much space either. I did have to weigh myself about 3 times to make sure it was working properly. After that first point, it has been very accurate for me. The fat caliper measure also is handy and was easy to use though it was a bit tough for me to find a chart online to check. The body tape is cool but I wish it was easier to roll the tape back inside after use. It kind of just hangs out for me. Still, it's nice to have those two extras with the scale. Make sure when you use a scale that it's on a flat surface and not on a carpet or the readings might be off.

You can buy this scale here:

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The best looking essential oil diffuser / humidifier I own

For when your room starts to smell like a mini barn this is going to be your best friend lol. I have reviewed so many diffusers and this is the prettiest one I have seen thus far. The shape and wood grain look reminds me of a fancy spa decor piece. It's also the easiest one to use because the top just removes so smoothly. You add the water in and a few drops of your fave essential oil. (I used lavender) You then turn it on and you can set a timer or just leave it on until it runs out. It has a few different LED colors but my fave one is always green. Love this company for giving me the opp to try this out since I really needed it for my space. Thanks #REIDEA

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My new Tudimo Kitchen Gadgets

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my new kitchen items. I love working with fresh ingredients so a mortar and pestle is a must in my kitchen. I already had a larger one but I needed a smaller one to fit on my counter tops. It's also better for smaller batches of things that I am making. I got it from a company called Tudimo on Amazon and I also decided to get this apple corer and watermelon slicer as well. They featured red accents so I was all over it. I don't eat a whole bunch of watermelon but I think this would be awesome for cakes and pies. It has multi-function and it's sturdy as heck. I also make infused water so the corer will be put to use. I also had a crappy little apple corer but it was apart of a large set and when things are apart of sets sometimes they lack quality. I'm really happy with this purchase so if this is something you need I hope I helped!

You can BUY the mortar and pestle here:

You can BUY the apple corer & watermelon slicer here:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Onairmall Turquoise Hamsa Earring Hand of Fatima

I'm so happy these aren't huge. I like small dangle earrings because they don't interfere with my gaming headset. Maybe I'll reopen my third hole one day again if I can find a nice pair of earrings to keep in with these. Thanks to #OnairMall on #Amazon for these beauties.


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