Thursday, July 30, 2015

SAPO Bamboo Charcoal Bar Soap - All Natural USA Handmade & Certified Organic

I really love soap bars like this. They make my showers feel so much more better. I'm 29 and I still have a problem with breakouts on my face. My lower jawline likes to break out in pimply rashes which are not fun. I have been using this gentle bamboo charcoal soap for a few days now and am absolutely in love. The smell of the soap is really pleasant which I totally was not expecting. My skin is not as oily and my breakouts have been minimized greatly. You get a generous size which is sure to last you a good while with regular use. I also have a problem with chicken skin on my legs which makes my skin super dry. I feel like the moisturizing aspects of this soap have been very beneficial along with lotion use. I will continue to use this daily in my showering routine. #saposoap

  • 100% ALL NATURAL - Have Peace of Mind with USDA Certified Organic Ingredients Handmade Right Here in USA.
  • GENTLE & MOISTURIZING - Leave Your Skin (Face & Body) Feeling Fresh, Clean, Soft, Supple, and Moisturized. Lathers Well and Washes Away With No Residue. Great For People With Sensitive Skin.
  • HELPS WITH SKIN CONDITIONS - Acne, Breakouts, Psoriasis, Eczema (Due to Ingredients Such as Oatmeal Powder, Sea Salt, Bamboo Charcoal, and Shea Butter)
  • ACTIVATED BAMBOO CHARCOAL - This Special Ingredient Gently Exfoliates and Detoxifies. It Gets Rid of Dirt, Debris, Impurities, and Dead Skin. Bamboo Charcoal Has Been Used In Asia for Thousands of Years to Make Soap.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw- Triple Layer Filtration, Perfect for your survival bug out bag

I've seriously been dying for one of these awesome things! This is the perfect thing to help me complete my survival backpack. It's small and compact which makes it great for travel. Even if you plan on camping this would make a great item to have along. It's really easy to use. The filter system is already in place and all you do is place the bottom of the bottle into the water and suck upwards as if you are drinking from a straw. It's triple filtered which then makes outdoor water completely safe to drink. I think that this is a great survival tool that everyone should have. Clean water is very important to have access to and this filtering bottle makes it tangible to have anywhere.

  • Triple Layer Filtration System - makes water 100% safe to drink; Softens Water and Eliminates Water Odor
  • Features a Unique Cap with an Innovative Dust-Free Design; Protecting You from the Secondary Pollution of the Outlet Mouthpiece. Includes the backwash device
  • Certified By the WQA and the TUV-SUD; the Most Respected Ranking Organizations for These Types of Products.
  • Filters 99.999% of Waterborne Bacteria Greater Than .01 Microns
  • Exclusive Antibacterial GAC "Damping System" with UF Membrane Ensures that Raw Water is Completely Filtrated. • Compact and Light-Weight at just 2.12 Oz (60 Grams)
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Clockwork Cornucopia Knuckle Rings - The cutest Fashion accessory for your fingers

These little rings are so awesome. I think my favorite one is the one with the teal colored accents on it. Since they are knuckle rings you will only be able to fit them up your finger halfway or less. You don't need to use all of them at once to gain a desirable look. Just mix and match them all. These rings are a bit fragile and care should be taken while wearing them. You could also slip the rings onto a necklace together which would look cute. I think these rings lend such a beautiful accent to a good manicure.

  • ✓KNUCKLE RING ASSORTMENT - This is an assortment of 4 brass and 4 silver knuckle rings.
  • ✓KNUCKLE RING FOR FASHION - This assortment of knuckle rings work great with any outfit.
  • ✓KNUCKLE RING GIFT SET - Great gift item for any fashionista.
  • ✓HEAVY DUTY RING SET - These knuckle rings are built to last season to season
  • ✓RENAISSANCE JEWELRY - Knuckle rings were once a very popular during the Renaissance Era
You can buy this set of 8 knuckle rings here on Amazon:


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You can buy this set of 8 knuckle rings here on Amazon:

Practico Outdoors Stainless Steel Cups - 16 oz Pint Glasses made from BPA Free

These stainless steel cups are awesome. While they are made convenient for traveling I prefer to just use them in my home. The fact that they stack is really useful to me since I am limited on cabinet space for my cups. I like that they are durable and I don't have to worry about them breaking like my glass cups. I have been hand washing them and see that they have kept their original luster from day one. In an unconventional way I think that these cups are really cute to also hold makeup brushes or toothbrushes in your bathroom. I will be using them for drinking though. I wish all cups could be made with this amazing quality nowadays. Another plus is these stainless steel cups stay nice and cold with your drink in it. I love them!

  • ✔ DRINK WITHOUT TOXINS - Each Pratico Outdoor's Clean Steel cup is made from premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel which means NO BPA and NO TOXINS
  • ✔ STRONG AND DURABLE - Each Clean Steel cup is electropolished to add additional rust protection and is recyclable, super strong, and dishwasher safe. Guaranteed to provide years of problem-free use
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Clean Steel can be used as a great replacement anywhere you might use plastic drinking cups or glasses - camping, backpacking, traveling, outdoor events, hiking, and more

You can buy your own stainless steel cups here on Amazon:

US Art Supply Solana Adjustable Wood Desk Easel with Drawers

I think this is a great starter easel to work with. It's cool because you can travel around with it easily if you like to paint on the go. My easel did come with one of the latches broken though so I am not able to walk around with it by holding the handle. It still does it's job and can hold the canvas or drawing pads fine. The size of the holder is a little bigger than your standard manilla folder. You can adjust the easel to three different angles which is nice. The easel does have a drawer for pencils, brush or accessories for painting/drawing. I could not for the life of me get that drawer open but I already have a carrying case for my supplies. I think that the quality of the wood is nice but my only complaint would have to be the flimsy latches. It's definitely useable and works its purpose though. I think that the price for it is quite affordable as well.

  • Portable tabletop storage box that converts to a painting easel with 1 easy adjustment
  • Has a drawer with three compartments to hold brushes, and other essential gear
  • The easel incline adjusts to four positions and will accommodate a canvas up to 11" x 14"
  • Accommodates canvas art and prints up to 11 x 14 inches
  • An easel that adjusts to four different positions

You can buy your own adjustable wood easel here on Amazon:

Monday, July 27, 2015

Azio HUE Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Lime Green

Alright, I'm just going to be up front and honest. I really am not fond of wireless technology. I love all my wired mice, keyboards and headsets. So this keyboard totally caught me off guard when I fell in love with it. This bright lime green color really is adorable in person. I think it looks almost neon in the stock photo but looks better in front of you. The keys on here aren't mechanical and are quite smooth. I really like how there isn't much space for any crumbs or hairs to slip through underneath. The keyboard itself is really basic so if you're a macro gamer freak like me you won't find any extra utility from it. The mouse that comes with it is really cute and simple. Your wireless transmitter is in the mouse so you will need to fish that out to plug it into your computer usb port to detect everything. Batteries go in your keybaord and mouse, of course. I'm actually not using the mouse but it does work fine. I just am a gamer so I need a macro buttoned mouse to work with. Final thoughts? This keyboard is really cool and highly recommended just for regular normal use. I think this would also be great for kids or teens.

  • Fun and Colorful Design
  • Adjustable Tilt Legs
  • Wireless Freedom
  • Ambidextrous Mouse
  • Unified USB Transceiver
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz RF
  • CPI / DPI: 800/1200/1600
  • Sensor Type: Optical

You can buy your own Azio HUE wireless keyboard and mouse combo here on Amazon:

Esfeel Women's Geometric Pattern Triangle Bikini High Neck Bikini

This bikini is really cute. I got it in the size Large which is probably a size higher than I normally would get. Everything fit me pretty nicely. I'm 5'3" , 135 lbs with a 34B bust for sizing reference. There were no snags and the material quality is great. My fear is something that would be see through but I had no problems with this swimsuit. The top is a halter top which kind of has a clip in the back and then you tie up the ends around your neck. I thought that the bikini was really comfortable. If you are a big chested woman and want to slim it down a little up top then this would be a good choice. The shapes definitely give a nice slimming look especially from the front view. I like this one a lot.
#Esfeel #Bikini

  • Material: polyester & spandex,Highly elastic polyamide fabric - high flexibility and elasticity without shirring-Hand Wash.
  • Comfortable: With soft, shaper cup inserts and a slight sweetheart neckline on the bodice to provide a super fit, fine sewing craftsmanship - comfortable and no irritation.
  • Application: this Swimsuit Bikini set is perfect for casual, beach and  swimming

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Dream Recollections - Post Apocolyptic Nostalgia

Ever have weird yet meaningful dreams? Here's a random and interesting dream recollection of a friend of mine. Enjoy!

By: Anonymous M.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Super Delicious and Super Healthy Cocozia Chocolate Coconut Water

We all have heard of coconut water but have you ever heard of chocolate coconut water? I haven't until now and am so glad to have had the chance to give it a try. I've already tried out Cocozia's original coconut water which is delicious so I decided to give the chocolate flavored one a go. I have to say that this chocolate coconut water is my favorite now. The taste kind of reminds me of Yoohoo but with a hint of coconut water (duh!). It has natural source of electrolytes and potassium which gives me good energy. It's a lot better than drinking soda for your caffeine. I honestly hate drinking plain water so this is a good substitute for me. This chocolate version is a great way to also make healthier milkshakes as well if you wanted. It's definitely something any chocolate and coconut lover should try out.

  • •Contains a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes.
  • •USDA Organic Certified, Natural Chocolate Coconut Water.
  • •NON GMO Pending, Gluten Free, Vegan Chocolate Coconut Water.
  • •Kosher Chocolate Coconut Water, No Dairy.

You can buy a whopping 12 pack here on Amazon:

You can also purchase it from their website here:  

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lanier Garden Tools Ratcheting Pruning Shears

These are the kind of pruning Shears I have been waiting for! They are perfect in every way possible. It's so easy to open and lock back up with the little locking mechanism. The blade comes nicely oiled and ready for work. The handle and grip makes these shears easy to hold and work with for a long time. I usually spend about 20-30 minutes all around the house cutting thick branches and my hand was not tired afterward. I have been through quite a few shears that have done the job with a bunch of effort but believe me when I say I took these shears to very thick little branches from trees growing around. They snipped right through that thick brand without me having to twist and turn at it. I'm more than impressed with them. They are very sturdy and now are my favorite shears to work with.

  • MULTIPLY YOUR POWER - The computer designed Ratcheting Cam multiplies your power. The same ratcheting power you use to lift a car allows you to cut through branches up to one inch thick. Instead of trying to make the cut with one large difficult cut our pruner cuts through with three smaller cuts which multiplies your strength. Even if you don't have limited hand mobility who doesn't want to make work easier?
  • ENJOY GARDENING AGAIN - As we grow older hand strength diminishes. Also conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel make pruning painful. The ergonomic rubberized grips design gives you great control even with the lightest grip. Also the Bright Red color makes it easy to see if you lay them down in the grass.
  • CRAFTSMAN QUALITY - The drop forged aluminum handle is lightweight but strong. The coated hardened blade is made from High Carbon Steel so it stays sharper longer. The looped finger guard helps to give you great control while protecting your fingers. The design allows for comfortable use by either left or right handed people. The convenient locking mechanism keeps the blade closed when not in use. The built in oil sponge allows you to coat the blade which is great for storage.

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Kitchen Classique Elegant Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Wow, these are great! The jars are wide and made of glass so you have to be careful not to break them. The wide mouth of them makes them a million times easier to fill up compared to my 2-in-1 grinder I was using. The stainless steel tops are very easy to unscrew and grind the contents within. I keep regular salt in one of them but this is perfect for salt crystals that are meant to be ground up. You can adjust the coarseness on them which makes it versatile for whatever you may be cooking or eating. The elegant look these grinders carry make it easy to love because they look really cute in my kitchen. They match my style and I'm so glad to be using them. #KitchenClassique

  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS AND STAINLESS STEEL GRINDER SET This glass and stainless steel salt and pepper grinder set features a modern design and is stylish and elegant enough for kitchen-to-table use! Each set contains one salt grinder and one pepper grinder which can hold 3/4 cup of salt, peppercorns or any other spice, in its generously sized glass reservoir. *Salt and pepper not included.
  • BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE AND FUNCTION Unlike other grinder sets, this pair has their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food -- not all over your table. The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive, won't absorb flavors and is easily adjustable from a fine to coarse grind.
  • EASY REFILLING WITH NO MESSES Don't you hate constantly having to refill your salt and pepper grinders? Standing about 5 1/4 inches tall this set is the perfect size to cut down on constant refills without being bulky. When you do have to refill, the clear glass bodies will let you know when it's time! The stainless steel top easily screws off revealing a wide opening for easy and mess-free refills.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN With its brushed stainless steel encasing, glass body and ceramic grinder, this unique duo is a professional, sleek addition to any kitchen, with a stainless steel lid that truly "caps" off this beautiful set. No tacky electrical grinders here means no batteries required--only a few effortless twists with your hand to experience that fresh himalayan salt, pepper, or other spice.

Buy your own set here on Amazon: