Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

This movie is being released May 17th in theaters.

The boyfriend and I are making a date night out of it. I'm not really into the whole Star Trek thing but my boyfriend is really big fan of it all. I'm going to open my mind up for him and see how it is.

On a different note I applied to review a Star Trek costume. I love costumes ad Halloween is actually my favorite Holiday. I am planning to go to an anime convention this year or a gaming one if I can find one in the area. Would def where this costume out to a convention as well. I told my boyfriend if i get the costume that I would actually wear it out to the movie which he found hilarious. Here's to hoping!

Old Navy Clothing

I love shopping for clothing as most females do so when I saw an opportunity through Crowdtap to get to try Old navy clothing for free I jumped on it.

 I have not shopped at Old Navy very often in the past but here and there I went. I actually own two dresses and some flip flops from their shop.

 I think their dresses are the cutest selection. I don't really go in for jeans because I am an odd size and they don't have that perfect fit for me. 

So in the mail I got a coupon for myself and a friend to redeem a pair of their white jeans. I mailed the "friend" coupon to my little sister two hours away from me in New Jersey. She is super trendy and really knows how to make outfits pop. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

I went to the store with my boyfriend and the jeans were right up front. There were so many different kind of fits and styles. I never knew white jeans could be worn that many ways lol. To tell the truth I did not even own a single pair of white jeans or white bottoms at all. I was always afraid I would dirty them quickly.

My eyes floated over to the RockStar super skinny jeans. I like my jeans low rise.

I could not find my size in jeans. I am that weird size 3 which is really hard to find. I took a size 4 and tried them on in the dressing room. I figured it wouldn't be that bad since they stretch to fit over your curves.

This is me in their dressing room. It was kind of cold that day so I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and my black leather jacket. I was excited and thought they looked amazing with what i was wearing. I am a big fan of neutrals with white. They didn't fit me exactly how I wanted but it was the closest one i could take with me without it being super tight.

So a couple days later it was really nice outside. I wanted to wear my new white skinny jeans out so i tried on two shirts with it. ( Sorry my mirror is smudged and I used my Ipod to take these pictures so they aren't as good as i took them in the store with my bf's Iphone >__<; )

 I couldn't choose between my grey/brown top or a blue top. They first one makes it look dressy.

The blue top makes it more casual so i went with the blue top. I actually felt so beachy the whole day with this outfit. I wore it with plain black flip flops I got at Old Navy last year.

These jeans were $36.50 and they had a bunch of different styles and sizes in stock so go in and get a pair. It's different than wearing blue jeans and you can wear it so many different ways. Overall, I am happy about having this in my wardrobe. I'll post the picture from my sister once she gets her jeans. :}

Here's an update picture shot of my sister in her Old Navy white jeans. She got the flirty one.

Thank you CrowdTap and Old Navy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Children's Claritin Allergy

I received my Children's Claritin Allergy tablets courtesy of BzzAgent for sampling. Here's a picture of what came.

I was going to wait to have my kids (nieces and nephews) try them out once I sense them sniffling but I decided to try them out for myself first. I always suffer from allergy related sniffles and runny nose. It's the worst when I wake up in the mornings. On the directions on the back of the box I read ADULTS and children so I guess we can use them too. I was wondering if they would possibly be less effective for adults. I only weigh about 110 so I am not too much on the heavy side so I guess I could pass for a child anyway :p . Well, I took two of the tablets as directed. Here's a shot of how the tablets look.

I am not very fond of grape but it actually tasted pretty good. It didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth at all. I timed it to see how fast it would work after I took it. Took about 30 minutes for me to feel the difference in my nose. I love it for myself. I'm like 95% sure my kids will love it too. They take disgusting Nyquil like champs so this would be a pleasure to consume for them lol. Really love this stuff and if I had to rate it from 1-10 I would give it an 8.5. Thank you BzzAgent and Claritin for letting me try this stuff out! I will make sure to give out my coupons to friends and family.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Win a Free Portrait Session in New Jersey!

A parent's job NEVER ends! You don't get vacation time, sick time, or days off. Your child relies on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Inspired by Kataleya would like to aknowledge some of these parents by offering 2 FREE sessions (1 for Mother's Day and 1 for Father's Day). If your parent goes above and beyond, if you have a single parent that plays both parental roles, a parent who is an amazing grandparent or just because you love your parent more than anything...Nominate them!! Rules are on the flyer.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Woohoo!! My Woolite samples from Crowdtap came today! I will be trying these out and distributing the rest to some neighbors, friends, and family members.

I will admit I have never tried this detergent. Why? The cost. You do get what you pay for sometimes though, so keeping that in mind I will see if it is what it's all hyped up to be. I will not rag on prices though because I am a couponer and I have seen plenty of coupons around for this product so if you really like a product that costs a little more than what you are used to paying for it just try to find some coupons for it.

                                          Here's a picture of all my samples to give out. :)

I will give my opinion on the product after I try it out tomorrow for myself and see what other people think about it, too.

I'll leave you with a link to Woolite's awesome edgy commercial that was directed by Rob Zombie.
Enjoy! :}

Alright so here's my update! I tried out the Woolite everyday detergent. I am pretty much hand washing necessities right now because the new washer I just purchased is out of commission until I get the hookup put in the basement. It gets clothes just as clean but is just so tedious and tiring. I hung the clothes up to dry in the yard on my clothesline.

I selected a few boxers for my boyfriend and picked out a pair of my dirty Hello Kitty socks just so its easier to see the difference between dirty and clean with pink socks. Here's a shot of my dirty clothes before I washed them.

I walk around on my wood floors with my socks on so yeah they get pretty dirty..it's actually kind of embarrassing to show this but its the only way lol.

I washed the clothing in hot water. The smell of this detergent is amazing. It's not an overpowering masking scent of flowers or fragrance...it just smells like GOOD. It's really hard to describe. Maybe it is what fresh smells like. The liquid is thick but not too thick and it's not too watery..it is just in the middle where its perfect. It was a very pleasant experience hand washing with this stuff.

It was a beautiful day out yesterday when I hung them out to dry on the line. Nice little breeze. Here's my end results with one less boxer because my boyfriend used it right away.

I don't know why my pictures turned that way but I can't fix it. You can see for yourself how clean my socks turned out. The clothes smell so good too. I will definitely be purchasing this detergent when it's on sale. The only thing that bothers me about this stuff is the price when it's not on sale. Woolite everyday detergent is about $9 at Walmart for 50 fl ounces. It states it can do 25 loads with that amount.  When you really break it down per wash I suppose it is worth it but if you're on a budget then just hang tight for sales to match with coupons and stock up. I really like the smell of Gain's apple mango tango BUT that stuff is about $6 for the same 50 fl ounces which IS cheaper but I really believe the Woolite gets your clothes cleaner with a pleasant scent.  Overall, I would recommend this detergent as it works hard to get your stuff clean.

Thank you Crowdtap and Woolite for letting me try such a wonderful product. The rest of my samples have gone out to good homes to try out for themselves.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Colgate Optic White

I received this wonderful trio of products in my Influenster box. I was happy to recognize a bunch of things in my box actually but this one stood out the most to me because i already have experience with this toothpaste. My mom was the one who showed me this toothpaste a while ago and I tried it out because of her. I loved it! So whenever it was on sale of course , I went right for it. The toothpaste left my mouth feeling clean and the taste of the paste itself I actually liked. My boyfriend on the other hand really hates the taste of it. What i also like about the tube is that it stands up. I really am pressed for bathroom space and it makes it convenient to grab off the bathroom sink. The toothbrush is very unique as it has rubber circles in the middle which rubbed on my teeth to polish them up. For a manual brush its lovely. The mouthwash is nice also and doesn't burn my mouth like Listerine does. My boyfriend likes the burn from mouthwashes because he says it lets him know its working. I don't agree with that and just don't care for the burn at all. I think the way my mouth feels afterward lets me know its working well. All their optic white products are a great price and i usually find coupons for these products in the Sunday paper frequently. Try it out you won't be disappointed.

Colgate® Optic White® website: http://bit.ly/UVoWWv

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster.