:: WoW Cloth Transmog ::

This set brought to you by Nymphell from Arthas. (Female troll mage) But everything just looks better on Female Draenei's. Here's a link to the whole set on WowHead.


This lack of clothing brought to you by Elfkong of server Garrosh. Just in case you want to run around half naked here you go ;}


This set brought to you by my lovely warlock Domineera from Arthas. This has warlock specific pieces.


**I will never list class specific transmogs( unless it's a real person's character being displayed) as I feel it is a total let down when you see something you like but you can't mog it because you aren't the class that uses it. Feel free to use these as templates and customize it with class specific pieces for yourself.**

This is the classic Black Mageweave Set. A ton of people already use this to try to mix this set with other colorful pieces to look different from the clones. It's obviously sexier on the females but the top looks kind of cute on the males if you mix it with different pants.


You don't need to be a priest to enjoy this set because this is the recolor of their class only set and all the pieces are available to get in Black Temple. Very classy.


This is the Amani set if you're feeling tribal. You can get these pieces in the ZA and ZG heroics but you can also get some similar pieces from the vendor in Shattrath but you have to spend your JP to get them.


This is the Arcanist Regalia recolor and you can find these various pieces in outland heroics. The original for this set was meant for a mage but now any cloth wearer can enjoy the intricate details on their character.


Grab a friend or few and get back to ICC for this set. This is the Bloodmage's Regalia look a like set. This is one of my favorite raid instances so enjoy it; the bosses are cool.


You have to go to SSC in Zangarmarsh to get these pieces. There is no helm replica or gloves so you have the opportunity to customize your look or go helmless. This is the Corruptor Rainment ReColor.


This is another Set that can be found in ICC. It's the Dark Coven Regalia ReColor.


This is the Embersilk Battlegear Set. I think this set is very Final Fantasy looking. Love it!


Same as above except this is the recolored set that is for PVP. All these pieces are crafted so go search your local AH or make them on your Tailor.


If you have been feelin' the asian persuasion flare to the recent gear then maybe this set is for you. The head pin is a bit much for me but that necklace showing on the females is really cute.


This is the Nemesis Rainment ReColor. You can find all these pieces from various outland heroics.


This is the Regalia of the Burning Scroll ReColor. You can get these pieces from the new Pandaria heroic mode raids. The helm is very unique looking.


This is the PostMaster Set. Very interesting look. I'm not fond of the pants but that top is very cute looking!


This is the Vestments of the Devout Recolored. You can collect these pieces from outland dungeons.


This whole set is just priceless. If you like the slimy tentacle look then this does it. This is the Vestments of the Faceless Shroud Recolor.


This is the Vestments of Transcendence Recolor. You can get all these pieces from the outlands dungeons. Very colorful and fun set.


This is a very popular one. This is the Buccaneer's Regalia. I think there is a cuter red sashed belt but im pretty sure it's Alliance only. I think a black belt would look better with this set personally. If you can get the hat and sabre then your look is complete! Don't forget to keep out a parrot pet :}


This set is so sexy. You will be on fire with this. It's just a recolor of the Mageweave Regalia.


This is basically one of the only shirts you will find in the game that looks like a ribbed grey sweater. That's pretty much the only thing I like about this. You can mix and match. Maybe some black pants to get that GQ look.  This is the Seer's Regalia.



  1. Cool these transmogs gave me some ideas

    1. I'm happy to have helped you out! Thanks for stopping by. :]

  2. How are these Transmogs? They're just Tier sets and sets that ALREADY go together... sigh

  3. I thought about not publishing this comment but then I decided to do it because I want to just drop some knowledge on anyone else that happens to stop by. None of these sets are Tier sets. The point of my transmog site is to show you pieces you can transmog no matter what class you happen to be. A lot of these pieces are tier look-a-like sets. You don't have to necessarily put them together either. I just want to give people ideas. I also will not really post severely unique put togethers because then that would have everyone else walking around like clones. You know..kind of like how every Paladin walks around wearing that Black Temple Tier set. It gets boring to look at it! Mix and match and come up with your own ideas and everyone will stop to look at you in-game. Swap out two pieces from a set to another that has the same color scheme. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for the blog, was looking for something nice and purpley and landed on Vestments of Transcendence Recolor. ^^

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for stopping by and glad you could have found something you liked for your character to wear. :D

  5. there is a cloth red sash available from the Tranquillien vendor for a few silver

  6. I really like that you have shown the gear sets on both male and female characters.

    1. Yeah, it really helps out because things look different on both gender ends.

  7. I really like that you have shown the gear sets on both male and female characters.