Saturday, March 29, 2014

My #DisneySide Party with #NerfRebelleParty , Xlear , Viva and Fresh Express

I was able to throw a small party for my #Disneyside celebration. I made chicken alfredo , Fresh Expess Salads and chocolate cake. It was kind of like a dinner party. I love Disney but unfortunately I have never been able to go there because of the cost. I've grown up with all the Disney movies and we had a giant collection of them on VHS.

I was so excited to be able to show my #DisneySide by having this small party. I wish I could have made it fancier and I really wish I could have gotten the T-shirts for some awesome craft time with the kids but I am happy with what I got to use. I had cute hanging decorations on the wall but they kept falling down.

I had plenty of Fresh Express Salad here for everyone thanks to MomsMeet. We had a few different kind here as shown. I think my favorite one had to be the Veggie Lovers. The snap peas were so fresh and crisp. I had it with Caesar dressing and it was delicious. I think all the kids seemed to like the French dressing better.

I made a wonderful chocolate cake that's in the dessert holder. All the kids really loved it. There was also mess that had to be dealt with so I had plenty of Viva paper towels that I got to try for free from a Crowdtap sampling. I actually got 4 rolls and gave the other three away at the party. I really liked it. It absorbed all the mess and didn't break apart on me.

I also had a bunch of Kid's Xlear sinus care sprays with Xylitol that I gave away to all the parents that attended for their kids. I got this from MomsMeet as well and had to distribute them. This stuff soothes and moisturizes while relieving nasal irritation caused by air and airborne contaminants. This is the perfect time to try this product since Spring has sprung and all that pollen will be in the air soon. It's really easy to use and is perfectly safe.

I did some quick face painting and tried to follow the little card booklet that was given with the #DisneySide party. It came out alright lol. I actually used some eyeliner to draw it on. Man, was it rough to scrub that out after the party was over. The kids really had a good time with it though.

Brace yourselves because they also got to try out the Nerf Rebelle line of play guns and crossbows. I actually had this from HouseParty.

I think everyone had fun with these toys. The big heart breaker bow was the coolest looking for sure but packed the weakest hit. The Pink Crush crossbow gun was definitely the most fun and went so far.  #NerfRebelleParty

Overall, the party was a big success and everyone had a ton of fun . I look forward to hosting more parties with new products. Trying out everything is a pleasure and always something to look forward to.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tone® Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil


 Hey guys! I wanted to talk about this body wash I got to try for free with BzzAgent. I really was excited to try this out because quite honestly I don't use body wash that often. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try something risk-free. 

I think I have just had bad experiences in the past with bad body washes that were so thin and you just needed so much on the sponge to get clean or even feel like it did something. I think that I will just first and foremost go for bar soaps because I feel like they clean me better. You know what's cool is this company has their bodywash and they have the same scent available in soap bar form.

Alright look at this cute pink bottle. It's so adorable lol. I'm totally just staring at this picture and my hands look so tiny holding it. It's dwarfing me. Well, that tells you that there is a lot of body wash in there for your buck , which by the way costs $3 normally at Walmart. Tone always comes out with coupons for their products so you can get it for less which is a great deal.

When I even took this bottle right out of the box I could smell is already. The scent is strong but not in a bad way....its very pleasant.  When you pop that cap open its simply delightful. I used it in the shower that same night and loved it. It's so thick and makes a great lather. You don't need to put too much. The big problem I have with body washes is you can't really smell them on your skin after you used it. I could still smell this on me after I used it. 

I'm very happy with it and will continue using it. I really am interested in trying their bar soap though so I will pick that up in the future. I also gave coupons to my family so they could try it as well. I know they are big users of Caress so this was a good opportunity for them to try something new.

Thanks BzzAgent and Tone for allowing me to try this body wash for free...I love it and I know my family will too.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray

Alright so I got to try out this Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray. I actually got it in an Influenster VoxBox.

I love Target and I always go shopping there. I have never really seen this brand of product around so I thought it was interesting. I firsst went to Google and searched it up. I have seen that it's primarily focused towards African American people. I'm hispanic so I thought I would give it a shot because my hair gets crazy frizzy sometimes. The bottle itself is very comfortable to handle and the spray seemed to shoot out in a spritz as intended. I also like the bottle and think its cute. I mean no one really looks at the top of my dresser but myself but it's visually appealing to me.

Here you can see my hair is pretty much straight but I get frizz if I dont straighten it and add smoothing hair cream or oils. I mostly have the problem towards the top of my head.

My Ipod is terrible at close up shots and I was trying to show the ingredients in here. It's a bunch of natural sweet smelling stuff. Here's a snippet of what's in this bottle.
Powerful ingredients at work:
  • Agave
  • Lemongrass
  • Calendula
  • Sunflower
  • Pro-vitamin B5
  • Meadowfoam Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil

So here's my before and after shot of using the spray with a little tiny bit of smoothing oil. You can use it with other products which I do recommend for the purposes of frizz. I probably sprayed around my head like 5 times. The scent that this spray has is light and pleasant. I also liked how it didn't weigh my hair down and left it feeling light and natural. My boyfriend actually came close to me and complemented the smell and I told him it was the spray.

I've seen this spray with a hefty price tag of $18 at Sephora. I really hope Target is not that expensive which I don't think it will be because Sephora really marks up prices of things drastically. Maybe it will be like $10-12? It's just a guess. It's actually $11 on the product's site. It's a big bottle and it's worth that much to me.

Anyway, I totally recommend this spray for people with frizz problems no matter your ethnicity. This is actually a really nice spray to put in your hair the day after washing because it will make it smell so amazing. Carol's Daughter has a bunch of awesome products and you can check it out on their website.

Thank you Influenster , Target and Carol's Daughter for letting me try out this product for free. I love it and will be using it regularly.  Thanks for checking out my post!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Colgate Optic White toothbrush + whitening gel pen

Okay so i got to try this Colgate Optic White toothbrush + whitening gel pen and the toothpaste courtesy of Influenster for free. I already buy the toothpaste so i know its good and it works. I mean I guess it works because my boyfriend always tell me my teeth are nice for not having braces. 

The toothpaste always has made my mouth feel nice. The mouthwash is a little weird tasting but i still like it. 

I felt like the toothbrush felt a little hollow, empty or weird without the pen inside lol. I do like the toothbrush and i think it feels good on my teeth. The whitening pen is kind of awkward. I have been using it but I didnt know what to do after I applied the gel. I kind of sat down at my desk for a few minutes because it had residue that i think im supposed to leave on for a while? The directions to me didnt seem very clear on that. I had to go to the sink and spit out whatever was there but after that my mouth felt really clean and nice. I can't say I see a big big difference but its very subtle for now.

 All in all the whole Colgate optic white system of products is great and totally recommended. The price for this toothbrush though is kinda pricey i have to say...that's my complaint. 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sabi CHOP Minimal effort pill cutter

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I got the chance to check out this pill cutter by Sabi. I'm a big baby when it comes to swallowing pills so I knew I had to just try this. I usually just take a knife and try to cut a pill but its such a daunting process. I can almost never to get it cut precisely in half and I end up with a million pieces of pill everywhere.

Right away when I saw the outer packaging I thought it would be a very good high quality product. I was right! As you can see it's BPA free. I'm going to be upfront and let you know this product costs $9.99 on their main site but you can buy it for $3.78 on Amazon + $4.96 on shipping. I think anyone who has trouble swallowing pills should invest in something like this though.

It's very comfortable to hold. It feels all rubbery and smooth. I like the wood grain effect on the top of it. When I look at this problem it screams IKEA to me. They always have those cute modern looking products at a good reasonable price.

That grey part is where you rest the pill. It's rubber so the pill holds still while you cut it for an even cut.

I put a big chewable vitamin here just for demonstration purposes. This is probably the size of a ridiculous pill you would have to swallow. So there you line it up and then you put your palm down on the top part and BAM it's cut in half.
It's like a mini ninja in a pill cutter. It's a little jagged in the middle but its cut in half. I still wouldn't swallow something that big cause i'm a big baby but yeah it works for some people I suppose.

Alright now for the company's information. They do have a blog of their own which you can check out here if you'd like.

They also have a Facebook page here:

They also have a twitter page bout that! @sabi_brand

Remember you can buy this product here through their Amazon store:

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