Saturday, March 29, 2014

My #DisneySide Party with #NerfRebelleParty , Xlear , Viva and Fresh Express

I was able to throw a small party for my #Disneyside celebration. I made chicken alfredo , Fresh Expess Salads and chocolate cake. It was kind of like a dinner party. I love Disney but unfortunately I have never been able to go there because of the cost. I've grown up with all the Disney movies and we had a giant collection of them on VHS.

I was so excited to be able to show my #DisneySide by having this small party. I wish I could have made it fancier and I really wish I could have gotten the T-shirts for some awesome craft time with the kids but I am happy with what I got to use. I had cute hanging decorations on the wall but they kept falling down.

I had plenty of Fresh Express Salad here for everyone thanks to MomsMeet. We had a few different kind here as shown. I think my favorite one had to be the Veggie Lovers. The snap peas were so fresh and crisp. I had it with Caesar dressing and it was delicious. I think all the kids seemed to like the French dressing better.

I made a wonderful chocolate cake that's in the dessert holder. All the kids really loved it. There was also mess that had to be dealt with so I had plenty of Viva paper towels that I got to try for free from a Crowdtap sampling. I actually got 4 rolls and gave the other three away at the party. I really liked it. It absorbed all the mess and didn't break apart on me.

I also had a bunch of Kid's Xlear sinus care sprays with Xylitol that I gave away to all the parents that attended for their kids. I got this from MomsMeet as well and had to distribute them. This stuff soothes and moisturizes while relieving nasal irritation caused by air and airborne contaminants. This is the perfect time to try this product since Spring has sprung and all that pollen will be in the air soon. It's really easy to use and is perfectly safe.

I did some quick face painting and tried to follow the little card booklet that was given with the #DisneySide party. It came out alright lol. I actually used some eyeliner to draw it on. Man, was it rough to scrub that out after the party was over. The kids really had a good time with it though.

Brace yourselves because they also got to try out the Nerf Rebelle line of play guns and crossbows. I actually had this from HouseParty.

I think everyone had fun with these toys. The big heart breaker bow was the coolest looking for sure but packed the weakest hit. The Pink Crush crossbow gun was definitely the most fun and went so far.  #NerfRebelleParty

Overall, the party was a big success and everyone had a ton of fun . I look forward to hosting more parties with new products. Trying out everything is a pleasure and always something to look forward to.
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