Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mihara Shinmei-ichi Daruma Festival 2019

The Mihara Shinmei-ichi Daruma Festival, in Hiroshima, is one of the largest festivals in Japan celebrating the tradition of the Daruma. It has to do with Shinto mythology of sorts. I won't explain too deeply but people basically buy these brightly colored dolls and make wishes or goals. Once they accomplish one goal or wish they paint one eye in. They then make a second eye for the other. They will bring their doll to the festival to burn it and then buy a new one.

I am fortunate enough to have a Japanese friend who lives in Hiroshima. I asked him to share some photos with me of the festival. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of Mihara.

I will put some caption above the photos as he has explained to me.

This is the Mihara Harbor Port.


Mihara Castle

Gyro Food Stall/ Castella Food Stall / Toppogi Korean Food Stall

Super Ball Sukui 


Ball Ire (I'm told if you get three in a row or more you get a good prize!! )


Some sort of Hybrid Orange Fruit Tree


Weird Cherry Apple Tree ( If you know what it is tell me please)


Mountain Grape Tree


Taiyaki Shop


Check out the crowd! Candy Apple Stall/ Doraemon Baby Custard


50/50 Game An Pan Man


Gifts to the God


Haunted House


Maze House

Air Cork Gun Game


Fortune Papers by Birthdate

My friend's Fortune ^__^

I hope you enjoyed all the photos and please feel free to leave a comment or if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll answer them to my best ability. 

Permission to publish photos on my blog was granted by my Japanese friend. I'll respect his name privacy and not add it here, thanks!!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

World's Best Cat Litter for Picky Cats - My thoughts as a seasoned foster mom

So I'm leaving my thoughts here as a foster mom of between 5-7 cats/kittens at all times plus my own two cats. I wanted to try Picky Cat because I have tried World's Best Cat Litter before and didn't like it. I tried the regular kind and the lavender scented one. They both flopped in my foster room. I also wanted to try it because I wanted something to attract the young kittens to the litter boxes more instead of random corners. My one personal cat also is stubborn to the point of pooping in the bathtub or random spots around the house.

So I gave it a go and mixed it in little by little as instructed. When the litter goes down fresh it is really pleasant. You get no dust and it smells nice. After a couple of days of heavy use I have noticed the litter grinding down to a fine sand. It can become a little dusty around where the cats go in and out. The smell is what bothers me a lot after its been used. It will take on a scent of barnyard. I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a petting zoo farm. I am meticulous to keep the boxes cleaned at least twice a day. I did notice most of the cats gravitated towards the box with the Picky Cat in it. (I left the other two without it to test)   So the cats like it but the kittens didn't have less accidents.

I used some Picky Cat in my cats personal box. He is the pooper! He used it as usual but it also didn't stop him from pooping in random spots as usual. I did notice that if this litter isn't used in a heavy traffic area then it's a bit better on the consistency and smell over use.

So the cats didn't mind using it and maybe a few preferred it. I would probably use it as a sprinkled additive to help attract them to the box more but that would be the extent of it. It is a little expensive but the coupons help relieve that. I only found the litter at Petco so it kind of is a letdown I couldn't find it at Walmart or Target locally.

Here's a video I made of my thoughts

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

To Be Honest… Growing up Isn’t Easy! Help is Here! Shampoo & Conditioner Review

The choices of hair care products for adults in general can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many miscellaneous chemicals in products these days so what can you trust? It's hard enough to think about yourself but when you're a parent you have to worry about these chemicals going into your kids hair/body.

I'm always aware of simple things I can pass onto my kids and trust it will work without throwing them into some sort of allergy fit. I love ingredients I can read and trust. I know I wanted to try To Be Honest Shampoo and Conditioner for them. My daughter's hair is curly so its extra hard to find something nourishing for her. They both loved the packaging and thought the product smelled good. They are 13 and 14 years old so it's tough sometimes to catch their attention with needed products for everyday hygiene.

So what's in these products I got to try out?

TBH™ Shampoo is a gentle formula that cleanses and nourishes the hair. Nettle, cedar bark and sage work to help control sebum (oil) levels on the hair, while maintaining pH balance.

TBH™ Conditioner is a lightweight formula that detangles, moisturizes and adds shine to hair without leaving any build-up. Jojoba, nettle and quinoa along with Vitamins B & E help to control oils and condition hair.

What's the verdict? Everyone loved the shampoo and conditioner. They commented and said the smell was really good. I even used it myself to try it out and thought it was great. I think they are happy to have their very own shampoo and conditioner in the shower caddy. Their hair looks really good and smells fantastic. I'm so happy the kids are being a little more proactive with their personal hair care. My daughter thinks the conditioner makes her hair a little more manageable which is really important.

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You can find TBH Shampoo & Conditioner for sale here on their site:

Visit their website here:

A tidbit from the company which I would love to share:

"We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality ingredients at an affordable price. Our formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and harsh sulfates. Plus, we are soy, dairy, gluten and nut free, too!

We remain committed to our customers as we continue to create purposeful products to help us help our children as they grow. "

How awesome is that?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Silky Swedish Beeswax Lip Balm Lypsyl - The Best Kept Secret for Soft, Hydrated Lips!

My lips are always getting dry so I decided to check out this new lip balm I have never seen or heard of before. It's called Lypsyl and the packaging is adorable. It's just green and creme colored packaging but on the side of it is a tiny yellow bee that is the slider for the lip balm itself.

I'm not a fan of dipping my fingers in flat lip balm pots nor do I have the time to take a lip brush to apply. This is super convenient and I can keep one in my purse easily. It's minty so if you don't like the feeling of fresh tingly hydrated lips then this might not be for you. I actually like that feeling because it makes me remember that I have it on and it's working. If I feel dry on my lips then I feel uncomfortable. This will definitely come in handy later on in the Fall and Winter weather. I love to use this under application of my lip sticks to make for a creamier and more natural appearance.


Here's a list of ingredients in this wonderful lip balm


Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Petrolatum, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Ceresin, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Flavor, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A), Bixa Orellana (Annatto) Seed Extract

Check out Lypsyl's FB page here:

You can buy Lypsyl at your local Walmart or online :

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Freedom Foods Barley + Toasted Muesli

I tasted this with my whole family and we all had key points to agree on together. You don't need a large bowl of this because just a little bit goes a long way. I think any type of milk with compliment this cereal. I actually think vanilla flavored soy milk really compliments the taste. My personal favorite was the Cranberry & Nuts variety. The Pink Lady Apple was a tad sweet but still good. I am not so sure I like the packaging of the cereal inside and didn't care for the foil type bag. I would suggest putting the cereal in a canister or container after opening. This would be excellent on top of a yogurt snack or you can even make your own home made granola bars if you don't opt to buy their already made ones. The blueberry bar that I tried from them was good and I had no complaints. Your tummy will feel good from just having this type of cereal as a snack compared to others loaded with sugar. The texture was fantastic. I'm sorry that I did not get to try the Maple & Nuts but might visit it later on at the grocery store. If I could change one thing I would probably think to add some honey clusters into the cereal.

You can find this wonderful cereal at your local Wegmans which is where I found it. I'm sure it's also available at any health food store.