:: WoW Weapon & Shields Transmogs ::

Alright So I decided what's a good armor transmog without an awesome weapon xmog to go with it? Well, this is why I figured I would make this helpful section. I might change it around so bare with me while I figure out a really eye pleasing way to set this up properly. This will also not be in any particular order for now so you will have to scroll through and take a look at it all. Whatever catches your eye and hopefully you can use it with your class. Also, I won't put up every single weapon in the game because that would be waaaaay too many things. I'm pretty much putting notable things up that I probably have across my characters in their transmog banks. The name and link to the item in the picture will be below their respective pictures.

 2-Hand Sword - Obsidian Edged Blade 

 2-Hand Sword - Manslayer of Qiraji

 2-Hand Sword - Lionheart Executioner

1-Hand Sword - HateStrike

 1-Hand Sword - Brutal Gladiator's Slicer

 1-Hand Mace - Cookie's Tenderizer

 Shield - Shield of the Barrens

 Shield - Brutal Gladiator's Shield Wall

Shield - Blessed Quiraji Bulwark

 Shield- Buru's Skull Fragment

 Bow - Heartstriker

 Gun - Larvae of the Great Worm

1-Hand Mace - Ko'Gun, Hammer of the Firelord

1- Hand Mace - EarthShaper

1-Hand Mace - Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm

1-Hand Mace - Maw of the Dragonlord

2-Hand Staff - Funeral Pyre

2-Hand staff - Staff of Immaculate Recovery 

2-Hand Mace - Inlaid Hammer

2-Hand staff- Liuyang's Lovely LongStaff

2-Hand Staff - Darkstaff of Annihilation

2-Hand Staff - Wildfury Greatstaff

2-Hand Staff - Shadow Wing Focus Staff

2-Hand Staff - Pillar of Ferocity

1-Hand Mace - Caress of Insanity

Offhand - Voodoo Shaker

Offhand - Lost Bag of Whammies

Offhand - Sundial of Eternal Dusk

Offhand- Chronicles of Dark Secrets

1-Hand Mace - Syphon of the Nathrezim

1-Hand Mace - Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne

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