Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My experience with the natural conditioner Allurial's special formula

So I have been using this conditioner to try it out and in short I did love it. I DID find some negatives but nothing too bad. This conditioner is quite natural so it's different. There isn't a big lather which some people may not like. My hair smelled fantastic and looked amazing even just using it for one day. I did not use any shampoo affiliated with it though so who knows if that affected it. I have been using it with my Finesse shampoo if you're curious. The combo has worked fantastically. This conditioner bottle is not the biggest and costs $12 but might be worth it for someone looking to restore their hair back to a healthy state. My hair looks good most of the time no matter what for now. I don't even brush my hair as you can see...I just let it do what it wants. In short, I loved the conditioner and its beautiful Jasmine scent. It made my hair feel wonderful.

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About the product

Contains Silk peptides and EMortal Pea peptides that are natural proteins which keep hair glossy, shiny, thick and healthy.

Contains a blend of 6 natural oils that keep your scalp clean and your hair lustrous and healthy by targeting common hair issues

Each ingredient is natural, organically sourced and renowned for its ability to nourish, moisturize and soothe your scalp and your hair.

It is perfect for all hair types. You can look after your hair, keeping your curls bouncy, emphasizing your waves or making your pin straight hair look alive.

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