Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FoodHotIssue.Com Spicy Snack Bundle - The perfect healthy Kids Snack

Spicy Snacks Healthy Gift Box Premium Care Package Variety Natural Organic Gluten GMO FREE Vegan School Lunch for kids Bundle 15 ct

 So basically in my video you will see my 10 year old son and 11 year old daughter off screen trying these spicy snacks. I think overall they both loved a bunch of these healthy snacks that packed a ton of flavor. So for a little under $2 a bag of snack you get to try so many different things. I think this is a great way to introduce your kids to healthier eating. I haven't seen half of these snacks but I bet I can find them at my local health food store. It's just the perfect way to sample it all without buying full sized things. Another plus about it is getting to pack it into your child's lunch for school. We're all used to the same boring snacks found at the local stores so this way just very exciting and fun to do. I even tried everything with my boyfriend later on and he said it was a fun activity. Expand your taste buds and try it all. Spicy foods lovers will rejoice over this.

About the Product

  • Spicy Snack Bundle for adults who enjoy healthy snacks.
  • Various Gluten-Free, USDA Organic Certified, Non-GMO, BPA FREE, no preservatives, natural snacks.
  • Selections of 0g Trans Fat, No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.
  • Very convenient for lunch, office or cravings. Great for simple on the go healthy snack.
  • Each box includes 15 individually wrapped Single Serve Snacks.
 Spicy Snack Bundle
1) Kettle Brand Chips, Jalapeno, 1.5oz
2) Kettle Brand Chips, Sriracha, 2oz
3) The Real Deal, snack mix, Chili Lime, 1.5oz
4) Way Better Snacks, Simply Sriracha, 1.25oz
5) Way Better Snacks, Sweet Chili, 1.25oz
6) The Daily Crave Veggie Skinniez, Chili Lime, 1oz
7) Beanitos, Hot Chili Lime Puffs, .7oz
8) Cosmos Creations, Spicy Sriracha, 1oz
9) Eden Organic, Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, 1oz
10) Food Should Taste Good, Jalapeno Tortilla, 1.5oz
11) Seasnax, Spicy Chipotle, .18oz
12) PopCorners, Popped Corn Chips, Cheesy Jalapeno, 1.1oz
13) The Real Deal, Veggie Chip Sriracha, 1.5oz
14) Dirty Chips, Jalapeno Heat, 2oz
15) Eda-Zen, Cruncha Ma-me, Jalepeno Edamame, .7oz

 Check out their main site here:

You can buy your own Snack bundle here on Amazon

Valdler Women's Comfort Cross Movement One-piece Seamless Yoga Sport Bra

This bra is seriously so comfortable. I'm sure it's meant for working out and running but I think I liked it just as it was for regular use. There are two wonderful layers to it to absorb sweat. It also has great breathability and movement. I got mine in the Size Large/XL which seemed to fit me just fine. I'm 135 lbs at 5'3" with a 34B bust size.

  • Feature: Double fabric .Seamless fit body, supporting the chest, Cross Movement One-piece Seamless Yoga Bra
  • Size: L/XL, L:Bust:34.6inch-35.6inch,XL: Bust:36-37inch
  • Material: 82% Polyester 18%spandex.Highly elastic polyamide fabric - high flexibility and elasticity without shirring.
  • Application: It can be used for general fitness, such as running, playing, aerobics, yoga and a series of sports

You can buy this bra here on Amazon:

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm72e4dad96c0862961705fabcdf294de3

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tropical Mango Salsa by SalsaCrazy

This really was something very new to me. I never had mango salsa before and never thought to be brave enough to try it out. I tried a little bit with some chips which wasn't too bad. I also decided to have it with some baked chicken and fish. This stuff actually goes really well with meat just as long as the meat is relatively plain to begin with. The salsa itself already has its refreshingly tangy taste and more seasonings just isn't needed. You can actually see all the ingredients in here and it's very natural indeed. I'm pretty much satisfied with this new taste and plan to use it for dinners every now and then. #mangosalsa

  • Awesome Mango Salsa
  • Delicious Tropical Flavor
  • Not Too Hot, Not too Sweet - Salsa perfection

You can buy your own jar of  Tropical Mango Salsa by SalsaCrazy here on Amazon:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The perfect Christmas Winter sweater by V28 on Amazon

I got this sweater in a size Small in the dark green Olive color. I'm 5'3" and 135 lbs and it pretty much fit me perfectly. The sweater is surprisingly thick and very warm. It's soft and comfortable to wear. I wore my sweater with a thin long sleeve shirt underneath and it just felt wonderful. I haven't washed mine so I am not sure if it will shrink during wash/dry process but even if it did a little bit it would still fit me just fine. The sleeve length is really nice which allows my longer sleeved shirts to hang out a little bit past it. I also love the length and where it hits. It's really cute with leggings and boots. I'm very happy with it and never thought I would love a Christmas sweater so much.

  • Various Styles
  • Perfect for this Christmas
  • Various Fabric, Stretchy,
  • Imported

You can buy this cute sweater on Amazon here:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

100 Assorted Pokemon Cards With Bonus Booster Pack! Plus Bonus 3 Free Golden Groundhog Token Counters!

If you're looking to build up your decks then this is an excellent way to do it. It comes with so many assorted cards plus an exciting sealed pack to open up. I want to start off with the cards that came in the sealed Booster pack.

Pokemon Ancient Origins
- Regice     - Malamar
- Sliggoo    - Combee
- Quagsire  - Golett
- Larvesta   - Ariados
- Porygon-Z (Holo Rare)
- Trainer ( Ace Trainer)

Here's a list of all the cards I got in my made up pack

Charmeleon (x2), Fletchinder (x5), Chansey (x2), Swadloon, Panpour, Tropius, Deino, Electrode (x3), Exeggutor (x2), Unfezant, Lunatone, Shellder, Togetic (x4), Meowth (x2), Hawlucha, Altaria, Roggenrola, Ponyta, Croconaw, Manectric, Pelipper (x2), Spearow, Dragonair, Finneon, Poochyena, Chinchou, Hippopotas (x2), Barboach, Dustox (x2), Clamperl, Gligar, Binacle, Loudred, Taillow, Pikachu, Dunsparce, Cascoon, Lumineon, Boldore, Girafarig, Fearow (x3), Seedot, Nidoran male, Hoothoot, Baltoy, Exeggcute, Slakoth, Spheal, Gulpin, Combusken, Froakie, Ducklett, Slugma, Venonat, Inkay, Togepi, Durant, Qwilfish, Seaking, Octillery, Boldore, Shuppet, Gliscor, Tauros, Pupitar, Pikachu, Shelgon, Staryu

-Came with 14 trainer cards and 1 Supporter (department Store girl)

I'm very happy with what came in the set of cards. I actually like the fact that I got some repeats because it allows my kids to take them to school for trading with friends. I also love the vivid counter cards of Burn, Poison and x10 Dmg that comes with it.

  • You get the exact Golden Groundhog tokens as shown, but the other cards are likely to be different versions of the ones shown in the picture.
  • 100 Pokemon Cards Plus Bonus Booster Pack!
  • Free Golden Groundhog Token Counters!
  • The Perfect Collection for any Pokemon Fan - All cards in great condition!
  • Great mix for a cheap price! May have some duplication!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to make your cat or dog look adorable for Halloween this year

Dealzip Inc Yellow Striped Pajamas

I wanted this for my large cat and so I went with the XL size. I probably could have gone a size down but it still ended up looking super adorable on him. It's very easy to put on your pet. It's a pullover so there are no zippers to fumble around with. It stretched to conform in all the right spots so that it fits perfectly to your pets body. The little bear face on the back end is so cute. It will be very easy for your pet to walk around comfortably in the outfit due to the way it was made. The back legs especially have lots of leeway and the back end is open conveniently to allow the tail to be free. I am in love with this outfit for him and it makes for awesome pictures. #PetJumpsuit

Material: Cotton & Polyester
Available in sizes XS-XL

You can buy your own pet PJ's here on Amazon:

Check out this fun article as well The Little Things That Separate and Unite Cat Owners vs Dog Owners

Beautiful Scarves: Black, White & Grey Check Scarf

This scarf is extremely soft and has a great classy pattern on it. It's presented in a nice little box which would be perfect to wrap up for gift giving. It has a really nice length on it and is comfortable around my neck. I know it says Men's scarf but I am a woman and have been using it. It's honestly unisex and can work for both genders. You can wear it in so many different ways but do take note one side of it is darker which is intended as the right side up. There was only one thing that bothered me and it was the tag at the bottom of it with the website name on it. I found that to be a little tacky so I carefully removed it and it looks perfect now. Man or woman, I think this would make a fantastic gift!

  • Classic, Super Soft Mens Winter Scarf
  • Beautiful Black, Grey and White Check Patterned Scarf
  • Perfect fashion accessory all year round
  • Makes a great gift for all occasions

You can buy your own scarf here on Amazon:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Azio Vision Backlit Wireless Keyboard (KB506W)

I thought this keyboard in general was pretty decent. It had a lot of positives but also had a couple of cons which didn't make me think it was perfect. I generally am not crazy about wireless keyboards because of the fact that all the keystrokes won't go through 100% of the time. I am a pretty good typist and I find letters missing here and there with wireless boards. Anyway, this keyboard was really easy to set up. All I had to do was plug it in appropriately ( I like to keep things wired in when possible) and put in the wireless piece in another usb. The wire for this keyboard is to recharge the battery inside of it. I LOVE the gigantic letters all over the keyboard but honestly I don't need them because I can type without looking down by now. The blue back light on the keyboard is pretty awesome looking and I feel like it's bright enough if not too bright sometimes. Luckily, you can change the brightness with the dial on the upper right of the board. I was bothered by it constantly turning off quickly when I wasn't typing so I just turned it off. I do wish it would just stay on though. The palm and wrist wrest at the bottom of the keyboard is pretty awesome. I found it very comfortable for my hands. I also love all the quick shortcuts up at the top of the keyboard. It's a near solid keyboard and the only thing I have to say is just the wireless connection isn't perfect enough for me which is a big no no for a seamless gaming experience. I was a bit annoyed while typing to teammates and having to constantly fix my "typos". It's decent but I am not in love with it.

  • Easy to see large print keys. 2x Larger than conventional keyboards.
  • Blue color backlight with adjustable brightness.
  • Dedicated internet, multimedia, and calculator hotkeys.
  • 2.4GHz RF wireless connection.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 2 weeks of use.
  • Operating Distance: Up to 30 ft.
You can buy the Azio Vision Backlit Wireless Keyboard here on Amazon:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Attention Busy Moms: Get a Salon-Quality Manicure At-home with imPRESS Manicure

Yes, ladies..Press-On Nails! They seem to have a bad reputation but they have only gotten so much better since they first came out. imPress really has done such a fantastic job on all the creations they have made with their nails.

Anyway, I got to try out these two packs of press on manicures from imPress. I know I am a busy mom and gamer so I don't have a lot of time to go out and get my nails done. I'm also a very frugal person so I usually will just paint my nails myself before going out somewhere special. Hey, I'm not that bad at painting my own nails but when I can just press on these little things then I am more happy. You don't know how many times I have rushed a manicure before going out to a family event and I messed them up because they didn't dry properly.

I honestly don't even know which set of nails I liked better. Can I just say both are equally charming and beautiful? The pink ones are amazing for an everyday adorable look and the dark ones are perfect for a night out with your girls. My boyfriend complimented me on both looks. There you go, boyfriend approved plus he usually doesn't care but he liked them.

How easy are these to put on? You will spend like 5 minutes tops. Just match out your nail sizes to the many nails provided. There is a plastic covering under them that you pull off revealing a sticky gel. You just push the curved side up on your cuticle and press down to make sure they stick to your nail. I washed dishes with these nails on and nothing happened. If you're really worried about it then you can just use nail glue with them probably. I want to reuse them again so that's what I plan to do with mine.

 You can find these awesome press-on nails at your local Walgreens and I am pretty sure they would be available at any other local store like Rite-Aid and CVS. These specific set of maniure press ons are advertised at $7.99 but I am sure sales will happen at all these local stores. Keep an eye out for these awesome nails!

  • Simply peel backing and press on
  • No drying time and no mess
  • Safe on natural nails
  • Mega gel shine
  • UltraHold Technology keeps nails on
  • $7.99 / Walgreens

Check out all their other designs on their website here:

Official information on these nails below:

Attention busy moms! Dress up your nails with the latest from imPRESS Manicure. With everything from soft hues to bold glitter tips and on-trend accent nails all with an ultra-gel shine, imPRESS offerings suit every woman’s every mood at every moment. On-the-go moms no longer need to spend time at a salon to get a salon-quality manicure; no need for DIY skills either! Just press on, and with no dry time you can get right back to life’s demands. Plus, UltraHold technology keeps nails on—until you’re ready to remove—just peel off with no damage to natural nails!

Learn About the Brand 
Through innovation and revolutionary technology, imPRESS Manicure initiated a new category and developed into a standalone brand. The innovative PSA, (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), eliminated key barriers such as nail damage, ease of application, and product reliability while UltraHold™ technology introduced a safe-on-nails adhesive, ending the need for glue and acetone-soak removal. ImPRESS is perfect for women with busy schedules and younger women who can’t afford weekly salon visits. Women in every generation enjoy imPRESS Manicure because there truly is something for everyone. From the French Manicure to elaborate designs, women rely on imPRESS Manicure as an alternative to nail polish—without dry time or smudges and dings. 
** I was provided a free sample in return for my honest opinions and observations on this product. All opinions are my own.**

Friday, September 18, 2015

Pets and More Window Mounted cat bed

This cat bed was relatively easy to put together following the included directions. My one cat is heavy so I thought he would for sure knock it off the window but surprisingly this stood up to his weight. The furry mat is decent but you could always just add your own blanket or cushion on top of it. You pretty much need a certain kind of window to hang this. I was only able to fit it on my front porch window which is very large. I think this is an awesome concept and an affordable solution to have your cat be able to sit at a window with no sill. It's also great because you don't have to mess up your walls or wood frame by drilling into it. #windowcatbed

  • COZY AND SNUG - A comfortable and warm seat for your favourite cat to rest on and enjoy the day
  • REMOVABLE CUSHION - Removable covers, pads and soft fleece cushions to make it more comfortable for your cat and allow for easy washing
  • ROBUST DESIGN - Made from durable materials and a strong frame that prevents sagging, the seat is sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds of weight
  • EASY TO INTALL - Having a non-permanent fixture allows it to be easily installed onto different windows; no tools required to install and can work with suction cups
  • ATTRACTIVE - The components are designed to match any kind of interior decor and are available in a variety of colours (Blue, Grey, etc)

Make and store your own sauces and marinades for dinner

These sauce bottles are great! I often buy dry marinade mixes and feel like I'm wasting most of it after I make it because I end up throwing the unused portion away. This is a great way to make the marinade and pour the whole thing into a bottle. I can then use it at least twice before having to make more. You can most certainly keep reusing them as well which is what I plan to do for a about 3 that I am keeping. The rest can be used to make sauces for friends/family and then you can seal it properly. They come with an inner slow drip top that is removable. You could even use these bottles to make sand art if you wanted. All of my bottles came perfectly fine which I am happy about. Their shipping was spectacular. I'm quite satisfied with the bottles and can't wait to make home made sauces for everyone. #CBHotsauceBottles

  • COMPLETE SET OF 12 WOOZY HOT SAUCE BOTTLES-Features 12 complete bottles, includes bottle, cap, dripper insert, and shrink lid
  • WOOZY HOT SAUCE BOTTLES ARE VERY EASY TO FILL-A 5oz empty woozy hot sauce bottle is very easy to fill, yet still small enough to cap off with the included dripper cap
  • SET OF COMPLETE BOTTLES TO FINISH OFF EACH BATCH IN A SAFE AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER-Fill the bottle, top with the dripper, screw on cap, and then apply light heat from a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink it closed safely
  • GREAT FOR HOMEMADE SAUCE FOR HOME, SELLING, OR SHARING-Take your homemade sauces to the next level with these bottles, they look and perform like a bottle right off the grocery store shelf
  • HEAVY DUTY GLASS-Thick walled an designed to last, function, and give you value for your dollar

You can buy your own sauce bottles here on Amazon: