Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My thoughts on the book Surviving Death by Leslie Kean

I was genuinely excited when I opened this book up. I have always been into the paranormal and life after death theories. This book goes into detail about many well known accounts of it. You will never have a dull moment as you go into every single elaborate detail of each story. The author lays it out just how it should be laid out. The author of course has their own thoughts which come about here and there but leaves room for you to ponder everything yourself which I love. I honestly have not finished the whole way through but i can tell you that I totally love everything that I have encountered thus far. I'm almost done with the book fair to say that I got a good grasp of it. There are a few photos in there as well which is nice to see. If you're into weird paranormal theories then I say go for it!

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