Friday, April 21, 2017

Descent Journeys in the Dark : Treaty of Champions

The Demon's Prison is Fading!!

Hey all you table top gamers out there! I thought I would share my most recent purchase off Amazon just to show you what comes in this pack. I got the Treaty of Champions expansion. I kind of wish I would have posted all the sets I got just to give people a little bit of eye candy on what comes inside the set. You see,  Fantasy Flight on Amazon thought it would be cool to just put the stock photo of the box and nothing else. I just thought it was kind of ridiculous they didn't show the contents. I already posted pictures for those possible customers to view and so I will do so here just in case anyone decides to try and google it up. Ya'll can thank me mentally. :D


  • 14 plastic figurines
  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 4 Hero Sheets
  • 1 Overlord Card
  • 6 Monster Cards
  • 1 Quest Card
  • 1 Rumor Card

The heroes are

  • Zyla
  • Grey Ker
  • Jonas The Kind
  • Krutzbeck

Your Monsters are

  • 3 Crow Hags
  • 2 Demon Lords
  • 5 Skeleton Archers

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