Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sentey Nebulus Gaming Mouse 3200Dpi Pc Laser Mmo/rts/fps Review

 This mouse is amazing for the price. I am always surprised at how good mice are getting for such a low cost. I'll tell you that I paid about $70 for my gaming mouse but it does basically have a keyboard on the side of it so I'm stuck paying high prices for what I want when I game. Moving onto this super sweet piece of technology. You can change the DPI settings with a handy button right at the top of it under the scrolling button which is nice. I prefer the middle ground which is the yellowish color. I feel like the red is too slow and the green is too fast. The scroll button is great because it's textured to give better precision when you zoom in and out. What's really neat about this mouse is it has weights under it in a little storage compartment which will give it more/less weight. You have a tin where you can stick the weights when not in use. So you basically can customize how heavy or light it can be in your hand. I have never seen that before so that's cool. You also have the two programmable buttons on the side for gaming macros which are a must for PVP in MMO/FPS games. It's very comfortable to hold onto for lengthy computer sessions. All in all this is a fantastic little mouse for the price. It's also very attractive with the various lighting emanating from it which also serves the purpose of lighting up your gaming area at night. I let my daughter have this one and she was thrilled with it.  #Sentey

You can buy your own Nebulus Gaming mouse here on Amazon


TeaVas Tea Bell Strainer Review

This tea infuser is very straightforward and easy to use. You fill the metal basket with your favorite loose tea leaves and plug it up with the rubber topper. You will kind of have a larger rubber disc shaped plate also but that's to rest the infuser on top of so you don't stain your table top. Boil your water as usual and pour it into your favorite cup/mug. You then dunk the infuser bell into the cup and let it sit for a few minutes until your tea is infused with the water. Then take out the bell to rest it on the disc. The tea bell is very easily cleaned. All you do is remove the plug and tap it out into the garbage/clean it out with your finger. You can then rinse the rest of the bits out in the sink and just lay it out to dry. Depending on the size of your loose leaf tea you might get some floaters coming to the top. I recommend using big tea leaves or Pu-erh tea. Made a perfect cup of tea with it and I'm happy with this infuser. #TeaVasTeaBell

You can buy your own Tea Bell here on Amazon:

SureFire Designs Orange Wild Amber Blaze Camouflage Ring Review

I'm the type of girl who owns a few interesting pieces of jewelry and I knew I had to have this one in my collection. I actually went in blind and didn't know my exact ring size because I get rings and just put them on whatever finger it will fit nicely. I ordered it in the smallest size they had which was a 7. It fit my ring finger perfectly. Everyone has different sized hands so it would be tough for me to tell you how a 7 would fit for you. I'm 5'3 and 137 lbs if you want to try and figure that to hand size. I love the beautiful brown and orange colors. I wanted this variation of the ring because I thought it was warm and neutral with a slight pop of color which would be perfect for Spring/Summer/Fall. It's comfortable to wear and I haven't had any problem with it scratching. This would be good to wear instead of your actual wedding band for when you do go out into the wilderness. I think it's beautifully made and am very satisfied with it. #AntlerRingsWildAmberCamoRing

  • Made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

You can BUY your own ring here on Amazon:

You can check out more jewelry from SureFire Designs here:


Sentey Bluetooth Headphones V4.0 Stereo B-trek H9 Ls-4560 with Microphone Headset

These headphones are quite fantastic! First of all, the case it comes in is awesome. It fits both attachments in there safely and comfortably along with the headphones. You can curl them in to make them smaller. You can also adjust them to give you extra length and space to fit your head size when wearing them. The pads on the ear part is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I gave these to my boyfriend and he has an iPhone 6 to use them with. He was able to easily go into his Bluetooth settings after turning the headphones on to find it there. You just connect them through there and they start working immediately. He streamed some music and it sounded crisp, perfect and bass-y. You can also hard connect it to your computer or any device you can plug in headphones which makes it great for gaming purposes as well. (We're both gamers and hearing the music and game sounds is something that needs to be enjoyed thoroughly with high quality headphones.) Yes, the headphones are a little big just like most other high quality Bluetooth headphones. It blocks out almost all of the outside sound so you'll be in your own little zone with them on. Oh! You can also answer your phone with just a touch of a button on the headphone as well which is cool. These headphones are perfect and I'm glad my boyfriend is enjoying them to their full extent. #Sentey

 You can buy these headphones here on Amazon:


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Libian Women's Jr Plus Sized Bolero Shrug Review

I don't think I'm considered a plus size because I normally wear size small borderline medium tops. I'm 5'3" and 137 lbs. You will be able to see how my shrug fit me in the picture. It's beautiful. The material is very soft and lovely but I am wearing the 1x size in my photo. These are made for juniors in mind but I'm a 29 year old woman. I have it in the white color. It's very comfortable and does have some wiggle room on it. I feel like the material is a little bit stretchy and can accommodate someone a little bigger than I am to have a very fitted look. The white is a little opaque but not too much. You can see dark colors under it such as my dark blue shirt in the picture. I think it's wonderful and I love it. #Libian

Made In USA by Libian
47% Polyester, 47% Rayon, 6% Spandex
Jr. Plus Sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X not regular Plus!
Bust: 1X(35-37), 2X(37-39), 3X(39-41), 4X(41-43), 5X(43-45)
Length: 1X(13.5), 2X(14), 3X(14.5), 4X(15), 5X(15.5)

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish in Reckless Review

I just tried out my Del Sol color changing nail polish in the color Reckless. It needs about 2-3 coats plus a top coat of clear. Is it the highest quality nail polish out there? Not in my opinion but that doesn't make it bad. Is it awesome because it changes color? Yes! You can mix and match different brands and colors to make cute little designs on your nails with it that will change color. It paints on nicely and I had no trouble with consistency or clumping. It did as promised and as soon as I walked outside I saw my white pearl color change into pink. It's pretty darn cool. You have to be careful when you are painting your nails on certain surfaces. I spilled a droplet onto my wooden laptop desk and when I tried to rub it off it took off the white paint from my laptop desk. So now I have a small dent in my laptop desk but it's whatever. I like the nail polish but I do think it should be priced a little lower. All in all it's pretty cool and you should definitely try it out. #delsolnailpolish

 Check out all the colors here that you can buy:

You can also buy it on Amazon here:

Check out the video review I made on YouTube below

Zubels 7" rattle knit doll Review & 12 month Subscription to Parent Magazine FREE - Ends June 1st, 2015

Isn't this knit dog rattle adorable? It's from a company called Zubels. Zubels are 100% cotton (some organic) hand knit toys, hats and sweaters which are sure to be cherished and loved by children of all ages. Zubels were born of a creative group working together to bring smiles to children. There was a need for an eco-friendly yet purposeful toy whose only requirement was a little love and imagination.

This is Mr. Woofers the Dog. This rattle is so soft and completely loveable. He's safe for ages +0 up. The quality of the rattle is high as you can see every perfect little knit area on it flawlessly. Mr. Woofers is available as a 7-inch rattle and 12-inch plush toy. You can purchase him here:

Zubels has a bunch of cute things I wish was around when my kids were babies. I would have totally taken advantage of all the cute clothing especially. Those hats are just darling and perfect for photo shoots. You can just see the amazing quality in all their products. I love the Lil Dimples dolls. The bunny, unicorn and mermaid are my favorites. #zubels

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Starmish Brown Circle Contact Lenses Blog Review from

I got to try out these amazing circle contact lenses from and they are so much fun! provides a bunch of crazy cool contact lenses for your personal tastes. They make your eyes look bigger and prettier. It's a lot more prevalent in the asian community but just about anyone can pull them off as long as you get the right color for your face. I tend to try and go for a more natural look so I went with a light brown color since my eyes are dark brown.

Look at all the cool extras I got. They came with a case for them and a cute furry leopard carrying case. The contacts themselves were really easy to put on and felt absolutely comfortable. It's funny because I just recently went to the eye doctor to get prescribed contacts. I can tell you that these fashion contacts made in Korea feel a whole lot better than the ones I was offered. For some reason the Acuvue's do not feel that great in my eyes plus they are so hard to take off. I only wish these Circle Lenses came in my prescription strength so I could wear them all the time. These contacts are good for normal wear but for all you Cosplay people out there these are it. Getting the right eye color when cosplaying your favorite anime/manga/video game character is pretty much that finishing touch that will make your character come to life.

I have gotten so many compliments on these lenses. I put this picture up on my Instagram and got a ton of likes and love. They almost have that Vampire look from Twilight. It's really cute and it doesn't look TOO unnatural which is why I love them. These contacts are from the Starmish Series if you're interested in these. You can find them here: . They are $34.95 but they are Quality lenses. I have tried different fashion lenses and they were so uncomfortable and hurt me so bad I had to take them out almost immediately. These are just perfect.

And a few pictures below that are untouched so you can see them in their natural state. Yes, my face is a little scary without that Instagram filter, haha. Sorry, pushing 30 and not wearing any foundation. Bleh. Anyway, these contacts are adorable!! That first picture is with my prescription glasses. The second picture is with some fashion glasses. 

Hope you enjoyed my Vamp look. Check out their site and see what you can find for yourself. #lenscircle #anime #Contacts #cosplay #costume #halloween #conventions #twilight