Monday, June 17, 2013

Epica Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

I got the chance to review these stainless steel drinking straws by Epica. I thought these were so cool when I saw them and I never saw anything like them.

  I'm sure everyone is aware of all the tacky plastic straws out there that are sold at a bunch of bargain stores. I never really was interested in those because it just looked kiddy. I'm sure it might be visually stimulating for a child but children bite on those things like no tomorrow and then they end up looking terrible and you have to just throw them out. There goes your $1-3 wasted. Also, it can be dangerous if your child bites off the plastic from the straw and just ingests it.

You don't have to worry about them breaking bits off the straw and eating it but you do have to watch them because who knows they might take this thing and decide to ram it up their nose or down their throat for whatever reason. (I know its ridiculous sounding but I am sure kids have done things like this because they weren't being watched over.)

It's marketed for children as well as adults but I can really see this being more for adults. I really like the sleek look and it would look awesome being served with drinks.

It comes with a small pipe cleaner type brush. So it's really easy to just wash in your sink manually or if you have a dishwasher they are dishwasher safe.

Here's a neat idea that I thought would be cool to do. I put them all in my fridge so they would be cold when I used them in my drink.

It's a refreshing combination when it's put together in a nice glass of drink with ice.

Doesn't that look awesome? Reminds me of those fancy colored drinks at nightclubs. This is just a blue sports drink though. Wouldn't this look cool at your next social gathering to serve to guests?

Is it approved by my cat?

Ah, yes kitty approved. Even cats love Epica Stainless Steel straws!

You can buy them through Amazon right here:
 $9.95 will buy you the set of four straws and save you money in the future while styling up your next drink!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System


I was so excited when I found out from BzzAgent I was getting to try the Amdro Powerflex for free. I was having some ant problems in the kitchen and the weeds were starting to really bloom out in my yard and around my home.

My cat was really intrigued by this new toy. Please take care to keep your pets away from this or any type of chemical. This stuff is only okay after it dries on the surface. I already used it once before this picture so he probably was smelling the lingering chemical scent I had to keep pushing him away from it. 

There's many different types of cartridges for many different types of jobs you may need done. 
The Home Pest Indoor Insect Killer Concentrate kills 40+ insects. The Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate kills a whopping 200+ insects. The Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate kills over 200+ types of weeds. The Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate kills 150+ weeds, grass and brush. 

This is the top of the spray gun where you push in and twist the cartridge. 

This is what the cartridge looks like when you open the top up. It's like a rubbery stamp. It just pierces a tiny hole into it so that it can draw the concentrated liquid through the spray gun to mix it with the water that you fill the plastic canister with.

Here's the side walkway of my house leading to the backyard. I took a few more pictures of everything before I started.

Here's the front of my home. Looks pretty bad.

This is a part of my yard.

Alright so let me tell you a little story about what happened. I was filling up the system with the water and testing it out in my bathtub before I took it out to make sure it would work. I held down the little spray button for like 5 minutes and nothing came out. I soon figured out that my Powerflex was defective. I was extremely upset. I opened up the spray gun and tried to see if anything was wrong inside but nothing got it to work. And so I went with my plight to the company and they said they would send me another. Well, they sent me another one and it works but they got back to me sooooo late. It was about a week and half before I got to use it and then wouldn't you know it rains the next day after I use it. I can't believe how rotten my luck was with this. It has been raining so much over here in North Eastern Pennsylvania. I really lost hope on getting to use this properly before my campaign was up. 

My cat is very saddened by this as well. What a wonderful product if I could have more time and better weather to actually use it.

One more con I found ..and no, not that my cat wants to eat my finger off.  The battery life was terrible. I used it for maybe about 4-5 minutes and by the time I got to the yard and back again the batteries ran so low. I don't know if it was because the batteries were a no name brand kind but it was really really bad. If you're going to try this I would replace the batteries they come with or have the replacement ready because its just not going to last very long at all.

I did have some $4 coupons my campaign came with and I will be placing them next to the Amdro for future customers. Everything can't always be so positive and perfect and would I personally recommend this? Not really. HONESTLY, I think I would love this thing if it wasn't a battery operated sprayer. If you can deal with the crap battery life and possible defection of your product when you buy it then go for it. This is great for older people so they don't have to keep pumping a sprayer manually.

Here's my wet yard. The rain is being so relentless lately.

Overgrown and weeds are here to stay for now. I'll rip them out as soon as the crappy weather decides to go away.

But one thing I can say is that the ants are gone from my kitchen. So good job on that!

Very glad I had the opportunity to try this out but didn't really work out for me. Thanks Amdro and BzzAgent for letting me try another product!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

KQC Turbo 2 Tourmaline Flat Iron

I stumbled upon the KQC Turbo 2 Tourmaline Flat Iron when I was looking for a new flat iron for my hair. There's just so many flat irons out there that it can be a very daunting task to find the right one to get the job done.

 I actually own the In-Styler. That thing is so terrible! I think I have used it twice and never touched it again. It's very loud and is just clunky. They make it look so simple on TV when they are showing it off but it's not worth it at all!

I currently own a Revlon straightener in pink  ( pictured above) that was alright but it wasn't that strong at all. I paid about $20 for it and that's all I have ever thought to pay for one but I think you really need to throw down the right amount of cash for the right product. It snags my hair and I have to literally stand there for 30 minutes passing it in my hair for it to be decent. It still leaves me pretty frizzy though and that's my problem.

The KQC has red Ceramic Heaters. It looks pretty cool. 


  • Professional Styling Iron with Ceramic TOURMALINE technology, plate width 1''
  • Produces a dark red color when it reaches the maximum temperature in less than 30 seconds
  • Ultra powerful Korean Ceramic Heaters that provides precise and stable temperatures
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates and multi-layer ceramic heating elements
  • X-Heat generates negative ions to retain hair moistured and reduce frizz
  • Far-infrared heat styles faster and softens hair
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Variable heat settings from 140� to 410� F
  • Ergonomic design to straighten, flip or curl hair with a twist of the wrist
  • For all hair types
  • Creates a shiny, smooth finish
  • Professional 360� swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • AC 110V 60Hz for use in USA/Canada
  • One year limited warranty

I received the Flat Iron, Thermal spray and flat iron holder for my review. The holder actually has suction cups under it so it can stick onto your table and stay put.

 It has an easy On and Off button and you can adjust your heat settings through the side button. It goes all the way up to 410 degrees but I really didn't think that much heat was needed for my hair. I put it around 330 degrees.
The KQC flat iron is really comfortable to hold. My other iron was very tiring to pass through my hair.

 The Thermal Shine Spray is pretty awesome! I do wish it misted better though. The smell is kind of funny as well. It doesn't detract from it at all though because it works like a charm. It made my hair so shiny and smooth. I think the most important thing you need to know about it is to use it before you flat iron your hair to protect it.

I took a before shot of my hair so you can see how wavy it is. 

And while I sometimes will just throw cream in my hair and go outside with the waves and twirls I most of the time like to just have it pin straight.

I don't know why I look so angry but i wanted to show you how it looked when I did one side compared to the other. If you look to the right side that is ofcourse the side I straightened out first. I only made a few passes to get  it like this. I was floored at how quick and easy it straightened my hair.
Here's another shot with it being half done.

Here's a picture with both sides straightened out. I looooove it so much.
I recommend finishing up with your favorite products if you are prone to frizz like I am. I like to use Nexxus Frizz Defy afterward. You don't need to slather on a million products in your hair...just keep it light and simple which can be the most beautiful.

Here I am on the next day happily using my KQC Flat Iron again.

Make sure to check out Flat Iron Expert's whole line of products

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!
Risk-Free Online Shopping

At Flat Iron Experts they understand that when you make a purchase online the products that you receive may not always be what you expected.Therefore they offer "1 Month 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee" to ease your mind. If you do not like the product just simply mail it back. This is what they call Risk-Free-Online-Shopping!

Take a chance and try out their KQC Flat won't regret it and you have nothing to lose because if you don't like it then you can just return it and get your money back. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Decal Guru

The Decal Guru 
Review and Giveaway

More and more people are putting car decals on their vehicle now. I always see them when I go out but I never really liked the ones I have seen. Everyone seems to have the decals with the stick figure families to represent their families. Definitely not a fan of those.

Decals are a fun and cool way to set your car apart from everyone else's. I have a Nissan Xterra in silver and yes, a lot of people have the same car. It's kind of hard to try and find your car in the Walmart or Target parking lot when the same car is around it. Now I won't have to worry about that because I can just look for my new decal behind it.

Also, I am a proud gamer and I now can let everyone know I am when I go out. I was so excited to have the opportunity to try out this fun decal for myself courtesy of

I decided to pick out the Life Heart decal for me because it was one of the 2 gamer oriented ones that I thought were super cool ( and nerdy). I am a nerdy girl what can I say! It reminds me of the life bar from Legend of Zelda actually.

Make sure your window is clean and dry. (I took the car to the car wash before I did this). You need to peel off the heavier white side first before you put it on your car. Make sure you take a plastic a credit card or shopper's card to flatten out all the bubbles. Also, this goes on the outside of your window not the inside.

This is what happens if you don't flatten out your bubbles correctly. You will get tiny bubble spots on the decal. I got them all to flatten out but I just wanted to take a picture of what can possibly happen if you don't take the time to flatten it out through the white sticker protectant.

Here's the final outcome of the decal. I think it looks great and can't wait to go out and show it off to the world! You can buy your own decals for $12.99 each.

The Decal Guru focuses on providing the best and largest selection of custom vinyl decals on the web.  
All their decals are cut from high-quality Oracal 631 Series exhibition calendered vinyl that is made with a removable residue-free adhesive. 

If you're ever tired of your decal it would be easy to just remove it and get a new one.  They have a lot of decals to choose from and not only are they for cars but they have decals for your laptops and Ipads. 

Here's a couple of my favorite ones available for iMacs. 

The Decal Guru has been kind enough to let me host a giveaway so one of my readers can win a free decal of their choice.

Enter using the giveaway form below..good luck!