Thursday, January 26, 2017

Affordable Quality Cloth Diapers To Consider Trying

Can't wait to give these to my sister for her baby girl due in April. Gotta love all the snaps so it will grow with baby for a long time. It's also really cute and seems very well made. I think this will be her first adventure using cloth diapers and it's something I wish I would have tried with mine but I think cloth diapers have only recently become more popular within the last few years. Good luck to her with them. 

At $10 each I think buying enough to cycle through the week would be way more cost effective than buying disposable diapers. Even if you want to just experiment with cloth diapers I think dropping $20 is pretty cheap to do. Try it out with your little one! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Easy Chicken Alfredo with my Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

I made something that I make at least once a week yesterday night for dinner with my new pan. I just slice up a few chicken breasts (3) for 4 people. Boil up any kind of pasta. Season the chicken with some garlic, onion powder and thyme. Butter your pan and cook the chicken until almost no longer pink. Dump in your favorite Alfredo sauce. I then like to add a few tablespoons of cream cheese and fresh Parmesan cheese if I have it. I'll mix in the pasta when it's all melted together. It's as simple as that and tastes great!

I love my Ozeri pan and it's my favorite one to use. I can cook pretty much anything in it with no problems. I also love how easy it is to clean afterwards. The coating on the pan does ware off with time little by little but I find that it still has a very good cooking quality to it even then. The pan itself heats up relatively quickly in my experience over my electric stove top. The heat distribution around it seems even as well as I have no problem cooking full pan dishes. Steak, chicken, shrimp and pork chops all cook wonderfully. I'm in love with this pan and will continue to use it.

You can buy your own Ozeri pan here on Amazon:

Saturday, January 21, 2017

My new set of ceramic Ozeri knives - Cooking with them everyday for quick prep

I've been using these knives for a while already and love them. They slice through kitchen prep work in no time. The handles are comfortable to hold and I prefer this over wooden handles. They have a nice and sleek look to them. The blade itself has not chipped on me as of yet. They also clean very easily (I hand wash my dishes). All the sizes have been useful but I find myself using the largest one the most for every task. I also use these knives on a quality wood cutting board. The knives have a set display they go into which is sold separately. That holder is really modern looking but is cute in its own way I suppose. I like to just keep my knives in the drawer personally. I'll continue using them as I seem to gravitate towards my ceramic knives for kitchen cooking.

You can buy these wonderful knives here on Amazon:

You can buy the stand for the knives here on Amazon :

Wake Up to the Joy of You - 52 Meditations and practices for a calmer, happier life

I usually don't quickly dive into these types of books but I thought I would try reading something different this time. I wanted to see what a book like this could offer my mind. Indeed, I wanted a calmer and happier life.

I've always been a bit afraid of getting into a quiet mediation with myself. Over the years I have struggled with self paranoia in amidst complete silence. At 30 I am still a little frightened of being in complete darkness even. Your mind will kind of make things up here and there to frighten you even more. It's a constant battle in my thoughts.

I have found that this book has definitely helped to open up my way of thinking. I'm honestly not even completely done with it yet but I think I have read enough to know the gist of it. Agapi has a way with her words and storytelling. She opens up every small chapter with a personal experience and how she persevered over it. She then introduces a unique way of mediation to help out after the fact.

It's a little hard to explain and might come through as a bit cheesy but reading her literature makes me feel at ease all on its own. Her wording is a sort of mediation. If you have a strong imagination like I do then when you start reading her descriptive meditations you will immediately put yourself in the place you need to be. There doesn't need to be a specific stance or posture. You just need to quietly set yourself aside and read the words. You will feel a sense of calm I can promise you that.

I think her experiences are very relate-able. You will find yourself saying, " Oh yeah, that's just the thing I am going through or I know this person who is just like that." I can't wait to get through the whole book since I am enjoying it so much right now. Plus, on an aesthetic note the cover of the book makes me happy. This small book is just the thing I need to read at night before bed.

You can Buy this book on amazon here:


AGAPI STASSINOPOULOS is a best-selling author and speaker who inspires audiences around the world. In her previous book, Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love, she shares the wisdom from her life’s adventures and experiences. In her new book, Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life, she takes readers on a journey and inspires them to let go of what doesn’t work and instead create the lives they really want. Agapi was trained in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then moved on to receive her master’s degree in psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Her previous books on the Greek archetypes, Gods and Goddesses in Love and Conversations with the Goddesses, were turned into PBS specials. She is currently conducting workshops for Thrive Global, a company founded by her sister, Arianna Huffington, to help change the way we work and live. She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles and was born and raised in Athens, Greece. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Men's Glass Soap Dispenser With Waterproof Labels by Milkweed Farms

I thought this was so awesome and had to share. It's so hard to come by a nice looking hand wash dispenser nowadays. It's targeted for Men but I think anyone can use it. We are a geeky household so I just had to put the Gunnar's Warrior Wash sticker on my bottle. The pump top uses smoothly and you could fit a nice amount of hand wash in here. It's kind of like something you could find on Etsy except it's sold on Amazon which is a big plus! Anyway, the whole family loves it so I'm very happy with it.

You can buy it on Amazon here:

Excerpt description from the page below:

  • Testosterone Boosting Decor For Your Throne Room-Use for Soap, Shampoo, or Bodywash
  • Amber Glass Bottle And Stainless Pump Comes With Three PVC Masculinity Affirming Decals
  • Great For Man Caves, Bars, Pubs, Locker Rooms, Garages, Gyms, or Anywhere Dirty Dudes Congregate
  • Perfect Manly Gift For Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Fathers Day
  • 16 oz Capacity Is Great for Homemade Liquid Soaps, Castile Soap, Or Your Favorite Brand

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The best and cheapest Carpet Spot Cleaner I have ever used - Black Diamond

Spots are abundant in my home with two kids and two cats. I have full carpeting in my loving room, stairs and bedrooms. My carpet is light beige so it's not hard to notice any dirt or stains. I'm always trying different brands of spot cleaners and some have worked well but I don't think I have ever come across one that was this perfect.

I haven't heard of this brand but they have quite the lineup of products. I opened up the bottle and noticed there was no weird smell. Some of my other spot removers worked well but had an awful smell to them.

There's nothing better than seeing the results for yourself so here's my before and after shots of many spots I decided to work on around the house.

This is a small rug in my bathroom. You can see a small blood stain on the edge of it. I thought this would be perfect to try it on. The second picture is the in between progress. This has been sitting here for two days mind you and it just soaked it right up. You can see all the blood just picked up onto the toilet paper. The third shot is the final result after I lifted the whole stain with the Black Diamond spot remover. Amazing, right?

Let's move onto another stain in my living room.

I think this was just a dirt spot that has been sitting for a month probably. Sometimes boots don't get taken off at the door and this stuff happens. Black Diamond once again lifted it quickly with no problem.

A series of dark spots. I'm not sure what those stains were. I'm telling you there are plenty of spots like this just scattered randomly around the living room. Black Diamond cleared it up.

I think my son spilled some BBQ sauce near the edge of the entertainment center. It's a little hard to spot but look at all of that mess the cleaner picked up from it. The proof is right there on the toilet paper.

I wanted to try a bigger spotted area. Looks like I might need more time and effort with this one but it did work out a bit. I just need to go back to it and try it for longer. Mind you I worked on each spot for about 3 minutes each which is nothing. I know other cleaners have taken me longer. What I also liked is my cats didn't seem to mind the smell of it at all. They flee really quickly if I take out the other spot cleaners because they don't like the powerful scent on it.

I hope I have helped out in showing you a quality spot cleaner which works. Black Diamond has been such a big help in my home.

You can buy your own bottle here for about $7 which is a fantastic price!