Monday, January 27, 2014

Skinny Jane "Weight Loss and Nutrition for Women" Review + Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I got the awesome opportunity to try out a week long trial of SkinnyJane. SkinnyJane helps women and men alike lose weight and feel better about themselves. You basically have three things to help you on your weight loss journey. The SkinnyJane quick slim kit comes with Skinny Blend, Skinny Burn and Skinny Cleanse. Skinny Blend is the delicious weight loss shake and it comes in many flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and banana. SkinnyBurn boosts up your metabolism and helps control your appetite. Skinny Cleanse removes toxins in your body in turn cleansing you.

Here's a shot of what I received to help me out on my weight loss. By no means am I severely overweight but I do have some stubborn bellyfat that I would love to take care of. I have been actually using the P90X workout regimen and let me tell you it's killer! I highly recommend that to get you in shape in little amount of time. SkinnyJane paired with a workout program will definitely work wonders on your body.

So I took the 2 burn pills in the morning with a full glass of water. They are a little big but you can get them down since they are gel caps. They kinda taste like coffee. I had my shake in between to boost my protein intake.

This one is the chocolate shake. It tasted really good. You mix it with milk. I actually loved all the flavors of the shake. I really have a hard time stomaching shakes so I will usually go with bars but I didn't have to do that with SkinnyJane. It was easy to drink.

About an hour before dinner you take the Skinny Cleanse pills (2). That's it! It's so easy that anyone can fit it into their day to do.

I do warn that you will have to go to the bathroom...a lot. But that's what a cleansing product does. It helps to clean you out of all the bad stuff. There is no discomfort when having to go to the bathroom and you will feel so much better afterward. I really feel like my insides are cleaner and lighter.

Here's a quick shot of the banana shake. It was delicious!

I loved it all. I think this is a great way to lose weight along with a proper diet and workout program. I lost only 2 pounds the first week but its a start and I'm pretty much average weight already. I'm 5'3 118 lbs. from 120 lbs. I hope to lose a little bit more and get a tighter body for sure.

Thanks SkinnyJane your product is amazing and I feel great!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I got the opportunity to try out these throat drops by Pine Bros. This company has been around since 1870 surprisingly. I'm going to honestly say I have never heard of them before. I'm very much so entwined into the blogging community and I have seen these popping up from time to time on review sites. I was so happy I finally got the chance to try them out for myself!

They come in three flavors which is honey, cherry and licorice. I got the honey and cherry flavors for my review purposes. Now, I really do not care for throat drops because they usually taste so bad. I'm not partial to the hard texture of Halls. The menthol flavor is just not a good taste in my mouth and so I will avoid them even if my throat feels terrible. These are completely different from hard sore throat drops.

I tried to get as close a shot as I could without getting too blurry. (Cursed Ipod Camera!) Now, if you have eaten fruit snacks before such as Gushers I can closely relate the texture of these throat drops to them. They might just be a tad firmer than them. You are not supposed to chew on them and suck on them to soothe your throat but I could not help myself. The taste of the Cherry throat drop is simply amazing! It tastes just like candy. I'm just so astounded that I have never had these in my life. I have been missing out on something so awesome. I cannot express to you how much I hate hard menthol sore throat drops. This is like the Holy Grail of throat drops to me now. The honey one is also really good for a subtle flavor if you aren't into something so sweet tasting. I love them both!

Here's a shot of the bottom of the throat drops just in case you wanted an all around view.

The Pine Bros. throat drops also come in this nifty little puck for on the go. I can keep this one in my purse just in case my throat start to feel a little scratchy while I'm outside in this harsh winter air and believe me the weather has been nasty out here in North East Pennsylvania. This is very convenient.

My only complaint is I wish the bags had a resealable top. Other than that this product is just perfect all around. It's a good sore throat drop for the kids and I am pretty certain they will love it a lot more than menthol hard sore throat drops.

I'm very happy I got to try this because this will be my new go to product. I was so happy with it that I distributed some out to my family so they can try it too. I know they will love it just as much as I did.

You can learn more about Pine Bros product here on their website:

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Check them out because they always do fun little giveaways from time to time.

Check your local CVS or RiteAid to buy their products..or you can check their site store locator here:

Try it and you won't regret it ....I promise you will love these sore throat drops.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Venus Embrace Sensitive

Venus Embrace Sensitive

Wow its been a while Influenster! I really thought I was in a complete dry spell from them. I didn't quite get a voxbox because I don't consider this a box of goodies..nonetheless, I am thankful I did get to try out this razor. 

I love Gillette razors! I am very familiar with the Venus although I am more familiar with the Fusion Proglide because it's something I would steal to use from my boyfriend. 

This is probably the first time I tried a Venus and I really liked it. This particular razor is made for people with sensitive skin. I do suffer from kerarosis pilaris which is a skin condition where my skin doesnt shed properly. ( yes, i know its gross) It makes my legs look like it has tiny bumps all over it. It makes it really hard for me to get a good close shave sometimes. 

Here's the packaging and how easily it opens. I really enjoyed this because i hate plastic packaging that's human proof. All you do is push the pre-cut opening in the back and voila! it's open. 

Here's some shots of the razor in my hand. It's very easy to hold and has a nice slim body.

My only complaint is ofcourse the razor holder that goes on the wall of the shower. I can never get them to stick on the walls. Every single one i have always tried and it never fails to fall right down 3 seconds later. I just dont bother with them anymore since i just place it on my shower caddy which has a razor holder built on it.

Here's my sensitive leggies. You can see the raised bumps that i have dealt with all my life thus far and will always have to deal with them as being apart of my body. (Sigh)

And here is a close few of the little hairs on my legs. Yes , I let them grow in a bit so i can show the difference effectively for this product review.
Here are my legs after I used the Venus Embrace. I love how nice and smooth it left my legs.
I'm very happy with the results and will be buying this razor for myself in the future.

Thanks Influenster and Gillette for hooking me up with this razor to try out for free. I hope I can get into more voxboxes in the future as well ;}

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Health Book | Secrets To A Pain Free Life Review + Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Secrets To A Pain Free Life
By Reza Ghorbani, MD, ABIPP, FIPP

I got the chance to check out this book called , Secrets To a Pain Free Life. I was genuinely interested because I am always looking for the "secrets to life." I'm not a spring chicken anymore so I need to keep myself educated on these things to help take better care of myself in life. 

Check out this Medical Doctor. He is so vibrant and lively. He looks amazing for his age. He MUST know what he is talking about for sure. He has such a topnotch background in medicine. Basically he knows all there is to know about pain management.

This book is so engaging. Right off the bat you can see cute little comical pictures to go with every chapter. People don't want to read a novel of wording all the time. It's very easy to read and the pages are comfortable to flip through.

You'll learn about many important things in this book such as my favorite, myths and misconceptions about pain. You will also find very helpful chapters on herbs and how they work for you. Healthier eating is introduced with wonderful recipes with beautiful pictures and how to make them step by step. 

This was one of my favorite recipe pictures to share with you. 

There's so much in here that it won't be hard to find many things to try and enjoy.

This book overall is awesome. You can learn so much about living a natural and healthier lifestyle. I would totally recommend it for the yummy recipes in here all by itself. It's just all very tastefully represented. You will gain knowledge on how you can use nature's herbs to help make you feel better about yourself. You will not be disappointed and I hope you decide to give this book a chance to change the quality of your life. This would also make a wonderful gift for a loved one in your life. I actually am going to pass this book over to my grandmother so she can learn the same things I have reading this over.

You can have your very own chance to win this book for yourself. Just enter through the contest widget and good luck!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.