Thursday, January 17, 2013

UnReal Candy

I got  a chance to try out this new candy called UnReal Candy courtesy of MomsMeet. I was not asked to do a review at all but I am just going to share my opinion about this stuff anyway. I think this is a very good alternative if you are worried about calories and having everything be all natural type products. I personally prefer the original stuff. If you have kids and don't want them to have all the sugar and crud from the originals then this is a great substitute. I gave each of them to kids and they loved them all. My least favorite one was the red colored bag because I thought it tasted too much like a protein bar. My favorite one was the purple bag and it tasted close to snickers bars. The "m&m" ones in the blue bag tasted like Whoppers or malt balls. The green bag is supposed to be like  m&m peanuts and they tasted close to it but the colors are drabby looking. The yellow bag is like Reese's peanut butter cups and they tasted pretty good as well. You can buy these candies at Target and the prices are reasonable since a bunch come in the bags. I would say they are comparably priced to the original candies. Definitely try these if you have kids or looking for something a bit easier on your body.
I would say overall they got a rating of about 7 - 8 on the taste scale.