Tuesday, July 1, 2014

EASY Litter Genie Bag Refill Hack for Frugal People

Sorry for the graininess of the pictures...I use an iPod for my pictures unfortunately.

So, I just wanted to make a quick simple post to let you all know you can have a different option for your Litter Genie refills. I just got this thing not too long ago and I use a Tidy Cats Breeze system which uses pellets. I don't put pee pads in here just the poop. It doesn't collect fast but if I don't bag it after a week you will smell something a little funky and my bathroom is small. My two cats poop A LOT!

So the one refill I had went quick. The refills on Amazon cost about $7 ...well, I am already paying a pretty penny on these breeze pellets every month so there is no way I would start paying $14 a month for these refills because I know I would have to be going through 2 a month . That's $168 a year...no thanks!

I always save my plastic bags from grocery shopping to reuse them. I use them as little garbage bags in my kitchen, my bathroom garbage bin and cat poop/pee! I even get extra bags from when the family does shopping and saves their bags for me.

So here is the last of the litter genie bag that was short so I just took scotch tape and taped the edges to the top part. You can probably just do the same thing with a plastic bag. Just cut it into a cylindrical shape by cutting off the handle around and cutting a big opening at the bottom.

I just want to get a little visual with you so here's me pulling out the thing pretending im throwing away a bag of poop. VERY important if you don't want to tape this thing again is bag your poop in a separate baggy or ziploc bag. Plus, it helps cut the odor by a lot.

As you can see there goes the blue bag which is from the top part that is open. It is the tunnel it will travel through to get to the bottom. The grey bag is just a Walmart shopping bag that I put over the bottom left open. The red thing is the bag of poop I put through the top part so you can see it goes right in the spot it needs too. Once the grey bag gets full just grab the handles and pull it off the Litter Genie ..tie the knot and there goes your bag of poops all ready to go in the weeks garbage for take away.

Trust me ...you will save so much by doing it this way. So start saving your plastic bags from shopping trips or ask family and friends if they can save theirs for you. You will have a big stash of them in no time like I do under my kitchen sink.

Hope this little trick helps save you some money. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. try using pinto beans instead of the pellets. it works great. :)

    1. What a great tip! I never thought of this. I will be trying your suggestion and see how it goes for me. Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks! I will be using this trick.

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  4. Thank you for the tip! I have 5 cats and also use the Breeze system which I love. I will definitely try the beans. I have seen others say that you can wash the pellets in bleach water (5 gallon bucket), lay flat to dry in the sun and get much longer use out of them. They say over time the pellets shrink a bit and they toss them when they start to fall through. I have not tried that yet but plan to. Also, I never change all the pellets each month as instructed as I don't find it necessary despite one of my cats being elderly with kidney disease which causes constant urinating. I stir every time I scoop and I scoop daily. I have heard of people using human urine pads cut to size for the box but I am not convinced that they would work as well. At the moment I have to change the pads on my old girl's box every other day and they are full. Another thing, you can buy zeolite pellets or chunks in the farm industry as they are used widely so I am trying to source them in bulk. The only problem that I have found so far is getting smooth pieces so they won't irritate feline feet or getting pieces large enough not to fall through or clog the grate. On a side note, I have a Litter Genie that is missing a cutter and the company is replacing it for free. Great customer service! Also saw another hack that suggested using a bag clip to close off the end of the tube until time to empty into the shopping bag. They twisted the bag tube closed, clipped it and set that into the shopping bag. When time to empty, unclip and dump, remove shopping bag then reclip tube shut. This helps more with odor control apparently.