Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Modern & Sleek Ozeri Fresko Duo Stainless Steel Pepper and Salt Grinder All in 1

I got another wonderful product to try from Ozeri. I love all their little gadgets. Everything always looks so modern and I feel like I am in Sweden or something with them. If you're kind of lost on that statement ...IKEA stuff is made from Swedish people and all their homes look super modern. I won't go into that country's eye pleasing perfection in this post though.

When I saw the sleek modern look of this duo grinder I knew I just had to have it. The outer body is made of stainless steel and has little glass chambers for the salt and pepper respectively. Before I got this I had a separate pepper grinder and salt shaker on the table which I needed to have a small plate under because it would leave a mess under it. What's great about this duo grinder is that they have stainless steel caps to cover it when not in use.

There are caps for each end as you can see.

You have a powerful ceramic gear for effortless grinding action on either end. In the picture you can see where it attaches to together in the middle on both ends. It's very easy to fill up the chamber and attach it back on. You just have to do it slowly or else it might spill out. I filled mine slowly with a small spoon little by little. 

This is my old salt pourer. It didn't have a grinder so it needed regular salt to be able to use it. This annoying rubber stopper is so hard to pull out as well. I actually emptied it out and just filled my Ozeri Fresk Duo with whatever was left. My old salt and pepper grinder was put away and the Ozeri one has replaced it for sure. 

Once you have both ends filled up you can just turn it over to whichever side you want and rotate the end to grind the salt or pepper out onto the food. I notice that this grinder does grind my pepper finely onto my food and has an option to course grind. You have to pick which way to turn the grinder to make that option. Nothing beats the taste of using freshly ground pepper though. You can taste the difference I guarantee that. 

Look at the awesomeness of it. Bask in its glory! I'm such a modern appliance snob so this really makes me happy. It kind of reminds me of the Neuralizer from Men In Black. This duo grinder will save me space on my kitchen bistro table and save me the headache of a recurring mess. 

You can buy your own Ozeri Fresko Duo Stainless Steel Pepper and Salt Grinder on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-Fresko-Stainless-Pepper-Grinder/dp/B007TAVFPS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404237250&sr=8-1&keywords=ozeri+fresko


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