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7500+ of the BEST high Quality Heirloom Seeds - Ark Survival Gear

I got the most amazing opportunity to try out these survival seeds from Ark Survival Gear. I had already started to plant some seeds earlier on that I purchased from Walmart. I admit I am not a total perfect Green Thumb. I have worked tirelessly in my yard to try and plant things and they would always flop. I think my dirt is part of the problem sometimes. You really have to put in work  sometimes to get things going. I wanted to just be able to work with what I had.

Here's what the company boasts about

  • LIFE TIME GUARANTEE: Seeds Stored in Breathable Envelopes for Safer, Longer Term Storage NOT Foil or Vapour Plastic Which Can Trap Moisture & Ruin Your Seeds. Safe Seed Pledge Approved & Tested for Germination, Our Heirloom Varieties Have Been the Proven Choice for Generations. We Know Seeds & Our Seeds Last, Its That Simple!

  • PROVIDE FOR YOUR FAMILY: Carefully Selected Vegetable Seed Varieties to Provide a Well-Balanced Healthy Diet Including Iron, Vitamin C and Protein. Plus Medicinal Herbs to Ensure You Have Everything You Need in Your Garden for Your Family's Well Being.

  • SUPPORT: We Believe in Supporting Our Customers & Provide a FREE Beginners Gardening Video Course & a Survival Guide with Gardening Instructions. We've Got You Covered!\

  • SAVE MONEY: Easily Produce a Full Crisis Garden with 30 Varieties & 7500+ Seeds. Unbeatable Value.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Heirloom seeds, Open Pollinated and 100% Non GMO American Seeds. Comes with Free Survival Gardening Video Course! Guide available for free on Website.

I'll let you know what I thought about all of that after I show my results. I took a picture of all the seeds that came with my package. 

Everything came perfectly sealed. I like how every packet has directions on them and full descriptions of the seeds inside. This is great because I know what to expect and how to execute it. 
I didn't have the space in my enclosed brick garden to put all of these in there so I just selected a few of them to start with. 

I started with tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and lettuce. I already have small tomatoes , cucumbers and lettuce growing in my garden but I wanted to see how all these seeds would grow compared to my Walmart ones.I also decided to do a few sporadic corn plants. I have tried to grow corn in the past but wasn't successful. It's a little late in the year but it was something I just wanted to try anyway.

If the weather stays nice full into September I may have little corn stalks by then. 

They look like very good seeds. I am not some seed expert but they just look a little nicer than the ones I get in my cheap-o seed packets from Walmart. 

So here's my little garden before I started the Ark Seeds. Those two plants to the left are lettuce and I have some cilantro all the way to the right. right in the middle there is my young tomato plant. 

Here's a full shot of my garden. It's a brick outer layer there and what I did was grow the vine all around it by guiding it where I wanted it. In the bag to the right are my two remaining shallot plants. I had a bunch in there that grew amazing indoors and when I moved them outside they started to fail. It was a nice attempt but I know what to do next year. 

So I planted everything and waited for my seeds to start sprouting. 

Just a few days after things started to start growing. I was surprised at how quickly they shot up. It usually takes a long time for my cheap seeds to get going. They grew out nice and strong too. The seedlings looked very lush and healthy. 

I'm just so impressed on how nicely everything is growing. I just go out and water my plants in the mornings and they have just been growing so steadily every single day that passes. It's a really big difference between these seeds and the cheap ones I get. What's cool though is for the amount of seeds you are getting in the whole package they are cheap. You are buying them for a little less than $1 a packet of seeds. You have everything you can think of in this package. The value is unbeatable and the quality is perfect. You don't have to be a gardening pro to get these guys to sprout. You can see how bad my dirt is. There is just so many rocks and crud all around it and they STILL pushed right on through. 
I recommend these heirloom seeds to anyone looking to start a garden or even preppers. They store well and will not go bad. #Arksurvival

You can buy your own super pack of Ark Survival seeds on Amazon to grow your Heirloom Garden :

You can also check out their website here:

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  1. I need those for my garden! Thank you so much for the great review :D