Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 44% Carbamide Peroxide Review

I was given the opportunity to try out this professional whitening kit by Dr Song.

Dr Song Teeth Whitening Kit includes:
• 8 large syringes - good for 50 applications
• gel applicator brush - for easy application of whitening gel
• LED Blue Light Accelerator - for acceleration of whitening process
• moldable teeth trays

I have had experience with whitening strips that I have tried in the past but I didn't quite see the results I wanted. Those white strips are really expensive as well but luckily I got those as samples to try in the mail before. I would probably compare the Dr Song kit to being close to going to the dentist and getting the whitening procedure done in an office. This is convenient to use and you get a whole bunch of sessions in one.

I had to boil some water and dip the molds so that I could form them to my own teeth which kind of worked but it was still useable. You have to also make sure you start out with clean teeth so you have to brush and floss beforehand. I used the applicator brush to brush on the product to my frontal teeth and it doesn't say to do this but I put just a little bit extra in the trays themselves. You can use the LED light for 15 minutes although I have to say that part left me a little uncomfortable. I couldn't keep the whole thing in for more than 30 minutes but after I was done I did indeed see some whitening progress. I think if I keep using all of the syringes every week I should see a significant difference in my teeth. I did feel some tingling and a tiny bit of burning but that didn't really bother me enough to stop. This is a great way to get your teeth whitened at home for a fraction of the cost. I really recommend using this. #drsong

You can buy your own Dr Song whitening kit on Amazon here:

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Monday, November 24, 2014 The World's Largest Collection of Plus Size Clothing Purple Fringed Sweater Poncho Review + Giveaway

I got the opportunity to try out this purple fringed sweater poncho from  It's an online store featuring a large variety of plus sized clothing and accessories. Now I am not a plus sized person but I can really tell when I see something cute that I like. I honestly wish they carried a bunch of these designs in smaller sizes as well. The store has been around for a while since 1999. They have been featured around in many famous magazines such as Seventeen, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and InStyle to mention a few. Most of their clothing ranges from 1X to 3X. They also go from 12-34. You basically have so much wiggle from when it comes to sizes here.

The poncho itself was super soft and very warm. It comes in one size but it fit me fine and would be able to fit a larger sized female fine as well. Here are the pictures I took of my poncho below. I think the fringed bottom is a cute touch. I would definitely love to see this same poncho in black and grey.

I know the quality of the bottom two pictures arent the best but you can see that the back part of the poncho is shorter so you can wrap it over kind of like a shawl. The back part also doesn't have the fringe ..just the front part. I just can't express how comfortable this is to wear to keep warm. I also wish this had a little hood because I think it would have been a cute touch to it.

You can purchase this poncho here if you wish :

You can shop at's website here: does have a Facebook page, check them out!

They also have a twitter page here:

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Makeup by ONE DIRECTION Kits Review : Electro Glam Mascara, Liquilights glow gloss, Rock me Nail polish + Giveaway

I recently talked about the One Direction makeup tins here -----> click here to check out makeup tin post. Now I'm going to show you the awesome mini makeup kits One Direction has to offer. I got to try out three wonderful kits including lip gloss, mascara and nail polish/glitter pots. I actually got my 10 year old to help me with the colored mascara for her hair which I was happy about.


Give your look a jolt of electric colour, with this limited-edition trio of ultra-bold coloured mascaras for hair and lashes, in three heavily pigmented, buildable colours.
FOR LASHES- Make a subtle statement by adding a pop of colour to the tips of your lashes, or add coats to your entire lashes for a shockingly chic look. The more the better!
AS A HAIR MASCARA- Apply to small sections of hair and swipe through for instant ELECTRIC highlights.

Why don’t we go there- Shock of blue
Does he know?- Pinkest hot pink
Story of my life- Amped canary yellow

She wanted everything mixed together side by side so that's what I did for her. I think they are very cute and easy enough to apply to strands of hair or even just the bang area. I was able to wipe it off at the end of the night with a Cleansing facial wipe. You can also use this on your eyelashes as well but mascara hates me since I wear glasses full time so I'm not going to go there. It works great for hair color.

These lip glosses are adorable.The colors are bright and pigmented. What I love about all the makeup by One Direction is that it's high quality and not some cheap stuff with just a brand pushed out on them. I really love the yellow color because its something I don't have in my makeup arsenal.


Liquilights Glow Gloss sparkles brilliantly during the day and illuminates under UV black light after dark. Enriched with natural oils and vitamin E to keep your lips soft and hydrated all day and all night.
Gloss can be worn alone for a pop of sparkle and color, or paired with One Direction crème lipstick for a bolder look.

Through the Dark- Electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light
Kiss You- Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light
Taken - Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to neon orange under UV light

These nail polishes are great. The colors are awesome and it was my first time trying something like the glitter pots. It was fun to play around with for sure.

What I did was hold the pot over my wet nails and tap it from the top very gently to let the glitter fall on top.


ROCK ME NAIL KIT, featuring NEON UV-REACTIVE Nail Varnish and UV-REACTIVE GLITTER nail toppings that add even more sizzle to your mani, for nails that light up day and night.
Sprinkle the glitter over wet polish for a subtle accent, or go for the glitz and dip your entire wet mani in mega-watt sparkle! Powered by BrandBacker

Nail Varnish:
Happily– UV iced blue glitter
Moments- UV neon pink
Diana- UV 3D holographic

Glitter Toppings:
Kicks- UV snow cone blue
Not afraid- UV electrified pink glitter
Star-- UV holo glitter

Check out their Facebook page here:

Makeup by One Direction will hit the follow stores November 15th!
Stage Stores
Beauty Brands
Lord & Taylor

 These sets would make great gifts for Christmas time. You can try to win your own by entering the giveaway below.


Makeup by ONE DIRECTION Limited-Edition Beauty Collection Tins Review + Giveaway

I was so thrilled to be trying all this new makeup by One Direction. I really loved the makeup tins and my favorite front cover member has to be Liam. There are 5 Limited Edition Tins are available (1 for each band member). This makeup is produced by a company called Markwins. They make really good high quality cosmetics for anyone's preferences. These tins are so much fun!

Tins include:

Eye Shadows:
Nobody Compares- Metallic silver
Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
Same Mistakes- Metallic mint
I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
Summer Love- Smokey purple haze
Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer

Eye Pencil:
I Want- True matte black

Lip Gloss:
Loved You First- Bubble gum pink
One Thing- Frosted pink ice
Irresistible- Shimmered pearl
Heart Attack- Creamy rose shine

Lip Gloss Top Coat:
Over Again- Silver glitter sparkle

Nail Varnish:
Stole My Heart- Magenta pink shimmer
Alive- Multi-coloured glitter flakes

This is how the inside of the tin looks like. It has a cute little picture to the left and all the makeup is covered and protected by a thin plastic film over it. You can choose to remove it but I keep mine over everything just to keep it safe just in case.

Here's a swatch of the 4 lip colors that are included in the tin.

Lip Gloss:
Loved You First- Bubble gum pink
One Thing- Frosted pink ice
Irresistible- Shimmered pearl
Heart Attack- Creamy rose shine

 Here's a swatch of all the eye shadow colors included in the tin. I was actually surprised at how pigmented these colors were. They are high quality and pretty. They are actually great colors for the Winter time in my opinion.

Eye Shadows:
Nobody Compares- Metallic silver
Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
Same Mistakes- Metallic mint
I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
Summer Love- Smokey purple haze
Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer

I tried drawing an eye with the eyeliner. It actually goes on very smoothly. I really like how the pencil is and its a great pencil for a nice basic liner. This would be great to use as a guide for a darker deeper black liner to go over it with if you want. But I think this shade of black is probably a good choice for the younger crowd.

These nail polishes are pretty cute. This is just one coat on my nails. You could do the red color by itself or even add the sparkles over it. Mix and match to make a cute funky look.

Nail Varnish:
Stole My Heart- Magenta pink shimmer
Alive- Multi-coloured glitter flakes

This is the clear type of lip top coat you can over your existing lip balm or light lip color to add some shine to it. It's a little hard to see. It's supposed to be subtle.

 Lip Gloss Top Coat:
Over Again- Silver glitter sparkle

I really do enjoy the makeup tins and think they would make the perfect gift for tweens, teens and even young adults. I think the colors aren't limited and anyone could have fun with them for sure. At around $28.50 at most retailers it's not a bad deal at all for everything you get. Powered by BrandBacker #makeupby1D  #thelookscollection #markwins

These new sets are available in stores November 15th at:
Sears USA
Walmart Canada

Check them out on Facebook :

You can try winning one of your own by entering the giveaway below:


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bellemain Micro-perforated Stainless Steel 5-quart Colander Review

I got to try out this colander from Bellemain and I was so excited about it because I desperately needed a new one. I have been using an out  dated old one that my mom had passed onto me. This new colander is quite large and fit a whole box of pasta in it with no problem. It's made out of stainless steel and is very durable. What I also liked is the base is elevated up high enough so that the base of the colander doesn't touch the sink which is important to me because I don't want the food in the strainer getting too close to the sink base. I know there can be a lot of disgusting germs in the kitchen sink. I think this colander looks very attractive and I will be mainly using it for all my cooking and washing needs. This is great to wash some fruit or veggies in the sink for salads. I hope they come out with a smaller version of this for washing small amounts of food easily. #colander12

 You can buy your own Bellemain colander here on Amazon:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Body Merry 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer Review

I got to try out this retinol moisturizer by Body Merry. I love their products because they are always very unique with their scents. I like to call them the company whose products usually smell like coca cola to me lol. It's not a bad smell it's actually very pleasant. Like minty soda? I don't know but it's wonderful! This product didn't carry that usual scent this time which I was kind of disappointed about.

Why use retinols? Simply put, retinol, is just another name for vitamin A. Retinol is an anti-oxidant which helps prevent wrinkling and increases collagen production. In total, retinol can help more than 100 skin issues. It is a true superstar for your skin! This product can help with the fine lines around your eyes or mouth area. I like to keep my eyes moisturized with retinol because as I get older I know those pesky fine lines will become more pronounced which I am trying to prevent.

Body Merry's Retinol moisturizer is a thick cream and you don't need to put on a lot for the areas. This whole bottle should last you quite a long time. I also recommend using this as a light lotion for your feet and hands. Too many people don't worry about that but someone will really notice both about a person as much as a face so you should take great care of the skin there.

I really recommend you trying out a great retinol product like Body Merry because it can give you the results you want within a few weeks of use. What's also great to know is their products are made in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility. It is not tested on animals. The formula does not contain any harsh chemicals such as Parabens, Sulphates or Phthalates. #BodyMerry 

Check out Body Merry's Site here:

You can buy your own bottle of Body Merry Retinol Moisturizer on Amazon here:

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Instantly Achieve Beautiful Curls with the KISS InstaWave Review

I got the amazing opportunity to try out the KISS InstaWave. I usually do my "curls" with my flat iron but let me tell you how time consuming and a bother that is. It's really hard to do and you basically need a high end flat iron to make the curls. They also don't last long at all. I will also state that I am not some professional beauty guru. I'm just always the person looking for beauty tools to make primping myself easy because of that.

The curling iron is very easy and comfortable to hold. The wire is long which was a problem with my previous cheap curling iron because it had a very short one. I like to curl my hair in my bedroom and need length to be in front of my mirror. This iron is very simple to use because it just has the low and high setting button. You also have a left and right button for the iron to go either way when curling your hair. The barrel is made of an infusion of diamond and ceramic particles which make your hair look healthy and shiny when done. The temperature reaches all the way up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit which locks in your curls.

So basically all you do is section off your hair. You then hold the barrel parallel to the hair and place them section by section through the curl dial at the bottom. Make sure to press the arrows in the direction you want for it to curl through. You then hold it there for 5-10 seconds depending on how tight you want your curls. I like to make them tight and then run my fingers through to loosen them up a little bit which makes them look natural.  I did not experience burning or hair tangles at all. My old curler pulled my hair when I would release which was terrible. The curling iron utomatically shuts off after 90 minutes which is a cool feature as well.

The InstaWave left me with beautiful results that only took me about 10 minutes to do. I got so many compliments on my hair it was amazing. I'm so impressed with this curling iron and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for that beautiful curled style.

My hair looks so shiny and healthy. I even left my curls in and slept through it and it still was there looking good in the morning. These curls are no joke and last forever! I didn't even put any product in my hair to keep it there. I probably would mist a little hair spray in it if I was going out that day but you don't need a whole lot. The Kiss InstaWave would make the perfect gift for any female looking to curl their hair flawlessly with ease. Powered by BrandBacker

You can BUY your own Kiss InstaWave by checking them out on their website here:

The InstaWave is available at Target, Ulta, or   Retail price is $59.99

Kiss Nails is on Social check out all their pages!