Friday, September 23, 2016

The Night Voyage adult coloring book by Daria Song

I'm just so in love with this wonderfully whimsical coloring book. There was a great attention to detail and imagination when creating this book. The feeling of the book cover makes you have that feeling when you are opening a new book to read. I could tell that they wanted this to be something more than just your average coloring book. It tells such a magical story. The art style is something to behold. I loved how every page has different levels of complexity. You can either choose to sit down and color for a little while or choose something severely detailed to make sure you have hours of coloring time. Even coloring in something that I thought would take a moderate amount of time I could just not finish. It's not overpowering but something I can revisit later on to complete. This book will definitely open up your mind like no other coloring book. I'm in love with everything about it and glad to be able to revisit it.

You can purchase this wonderful book here on Amazon


DARIA SONG is an author and artist with a master’s degree in fiber arts from the Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Fine Arts. Winner of the Kyung Hyang Arts Contest, Song has exhibited at numerous galleries and museums in Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and Hong Kong. She is a lecturer at the Kaywon School of Arts and her illustrations can be found in Amore Pacific and SK Planet. She spent five years of her childhood in San Francisco before returning to Korea, and the sense of wonder and mystery that comes from living in a far-off place inspired her internationally best-selling adult coloring books, The Time Garden and The Time Chamber.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird! is NOW ON SALE 2016

The key to getting teens, tweens and reluctant readers to devour a book may be to hand them a copy of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird! The new book in the bestselling series from Ripley Publishing is NOW ON SALE!

The book is a mind-blowing collection of fantastic, fun and even freaky stories from around the world. Sections include Animals, Pop Culture, Feats, Art, Food and Beyond Belief. What they all have in common is that they're all true and handpicked by Ripley's Believe It or Not! - the authority on all things unusual and incredible!

Here are some of the stories that await readers when they Unlock the Weird!

  • Read about one man's attempt to take a break from reality, spending three days climbing the Swiss Alps on all fours as a goat!
  • Soar on jetpacks above the deserts of Dubai with breathtaking aerial imagery.
  • Meet Birdman Ted Richards who had his ears removed and his face and eyeballs tattooed to look like his pet parrots!
  • Savor the flavor of sheep dung spitting, an Irish event that is just as unappetizing as it sounds!
  • See double with Twin Strangers' Niamh Geaney, who has found multiple doppelgängers that look exactly like her!
Make this new book an exciting addition to your collection—we guarantee your family and friends will find all-new favorites on every page of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® Unlock the Weird!

My thoughts on this book: 

I'm such a big fan of Ripley's and always have been. There's so much interesting things that happen all over the world. I have always loved to learn all these neat realities. 

This new book is incredible. I am not even done with it as I like to go through the pages slowly. My kids were also really into it and sometimes it's hard to get them to sit down to read a book. I think this is a great book to gift to their kids to get them reading. 

You honestly just have to look through it and see for yourself. I have captured a few images of what I thought were some of the more interesting excerpts. There are a ton of high quality pictures to capture the mind in here. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Marked in Ink - A Tattoo Coloring book by Megan Massacre

I'm always on the lookout for a nice new adult coloring book to occupy my hands so when I saw Marked in Ink I knew I had to give it a go. Right away looking at the front cover I could kind of tell the art style wouldn't be 100% to my liking but everything deserves a chance. I don't have a single tattoo on my body so in that aspect there was the drive to be able to "have" a piece of the tattoo world in a book. I wanted to feel like I was helping to design the tattoo myself.

I flipped through the pages admiring the designs here and there. The prints were bold but still offered a sort of intricacy I could appreciate. I spotted a few of them that aligned with my whimsical sense of style. My favorite one would be the fantasy mermaid set under the sea.

I pulled out my color pencils as I always do with my coloring books as I feel they give the best details. I didn't like the feel of my color pencils on this paper. I didn't stop and kept on going with the whole page. I am happy with the results but I do know a good set of art markers would do this type of paper better justice.

As for Megan's designs I feel like they were just decent compared to others I have seen. Everyone has their own style but hers is certainly different. It's kind of weird but almost bland compared to others. I honestly did love some of them like that mermaid, the bat and the owls. I would have loved to see some Koi fish or dragons in here which are popular in tattoo art.

It's a great coloring book for people looking to sample something new and interesting. If you are looking for an adult oriented book with easier to color in designs which won't take too much time on the hands then I would definitely recommend it.

You can find this coloring book available at many stores but I would suggest easily purchasing it through Amazon

Friday, September 2, 2016

Super Markers 100 Twin-Tip Broad-Liner Marker Set - Great for School

I think these markers are pretty decent. I love the large array of colors included and the fact that the gradient of each main color is there organized. I used them to color in an adult coloring book page and found that they did fine. I'm going to keep these around for my kids for when they need to do school projects. That being said let me explain. These markers do have a bit of a shedding problem when I first used them. I only noticed the shedding on the square tipped sides though. Also, the shedding problem isn't THAT bad. It was just a little here and there. I also want to state that if you truly want an exceptional top of the line marker then go get yourself a set of Copics(about $375 for a set of 72) or Prismacolors ( about $495 for a set of 156). Your artistic skill will determine about 90% of how well a marker or any medium can perform for you. I just want you to see that $30 for a set of 100 decent markers is pretty awesome. The colors are vibrant and beautiful.  #usartsupply

You can buy this wonderful set of 100 markers here on Amazon ($30)