Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My new Tudimo Kitchen Gadgets

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my new kitchen items. I love working with fresh ingredients so a mortar and pestle is a must in my kitchen. I already had a larger one but I needed a smaller one to fit on my counter tops. It's also better for smaller batches of things that I am making. I got it from a company called Tudimo on Amazon and I also decided to get this apple corer and watermelon slicer as well. They featured red accents so I was all over it. I don't eat a whole bunch of watermelon but I think this would be awesome for cakes and pies. It has multi-function and it's sturdy as heck. I also make infused water so the corer will be put to use. I also had a crappy little apple corer but it was apart of a large set and when things are apart of sets sometimes they lack quality. I'm really happy with this purchase so if this is something you need I hope I helped!

You can BUY the mortar and pestle here:

You can BUY the apple corer & watermelon slicer here:

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