Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Portable Chimp's ChargerSticks 2600 mAh Cell Phone Portable Charger Review

This charger stick is so awesome! First of all, the bright pink color is super cute. I love how it also has both attachments at the end for my different devices. I've been mainly using the larger slot for my older version iPod for music. This charger is not meant for lightning cabled devices so be aware of that before purchasing. If you want to charge your lightning devices you will have to buy a converter separately. Before you use it you should charge it until the light on it turns blue which means it is completely ready. The charger stick is small and light so its convenient to carry around with you. It also comes with a carrying case. If you have the appropriate devices for turns out to be a great asset. #portablecharger

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  1. I got one thx to your review. The chargersitck is awesome. Thx

    1. Awesome, very nice to hear that.