Friday, February 27, 2015

InstaNatural Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oils Review

This stuff is absolutely wonderful! The Lemon essential oil smells like real fresh lemons. The Peppermint essential oil smells like fresh peppermint leaves. I like to drip some on my carpets around the house when I need a clean fresh scent about the air. This is also great to drop into a hot bucket of water for cleaning up the kitchen floor or any hard surfaced floors. It's also great to wipe up the kitchen counter tops with.  It leaves the most wonderful smell and gets everything squeaky clean. I have also used this with some fractionated coconut oil for massage with great results. It's not super oily so it absorbs easily and doesn't leave that slick residue. The bottle is large and I know this will last me quite a while. What's also important is that the bottle is dark so the light can't penetrate it to ruin it. I love how easy it is to distribute around with the included dropper top. I totally recommend both these essential oils and hope they come out with many more because I know they will put top quality in them. #essentialoils

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