Friday, February 13, 2015

Fibolica Hair Thickening Fibers Review + Giveaway

This product is so awesome. I had concerns about my thinning hairline where my bangs come down from. When you literally do ponytails with bangs all your life it takes a toll on your hairlines. I am not quitting my bangs anytime soon so I figured this would be the perfect solution for me. Basically it is what it says which is tiny fibers that you kind of shake down on your head. I just kind of like rubbed my fingers through the area to work it in gently. I was amazed at how it covered the area to make my hair look fuller. The only thing is you can't run your hands through the area you fix up because this stuff will transfer onto your hands but it washes off easily. I would suggest putting a gentle hairspray over the area after applying to kind of like lock it in. It will wash out as well so you have to reapply after washing your hair. I think this is a great product for anyone who has thinning/balding hair problems and wants a perfected look for a special occasion. You could even stock up and use it daily if preferred. This product is really ingenious. 

Check out my before and after shot using this product.

I think the before and after speaks for itself. My hairline is so messed up from the stress of all those years pulling my hair back into buns and ponytails. It's actually a little embarrassing to show this but it is what it is lol.

Here's a close up shot of the fibers. Just gotta be careful when you are opening the bottle because it has like a thin plastic cover on top of the bottle. You know when you are opening a can and you have to pull that last part of the tab and you pull too hard...yeah things will fly everywhere. Good thing these fibers don't stain and if you make a mess you can just blow them away. #fibolica

They come in many different hair colors so you can pick the one closest to what your hair is.

You can check that out and buy it here on Amazon:

They come in 2 and 6 month supplies. Just remember this isn't a permanent solution and is only cosmetic. I think you will love the way it boosts your confidence though and is an economical solution.

You can try and win your own bottle of Fibolica by entering my giveaway below!

Fibolica Hair Thickening Fibers


  1. I would like to win this for myself. I would like to try it.

  2. I would like to win this for my mom. My hair is silver/grey/blue but good luck matching that. :D

  3. OMG they have silver grey, guess this is for ME.

    1. Yeah , it's a pretty neat product and they do come in many different shades. It's awesome :}

  4. Sadly, Id like to win for me. Lol

  5. I mainly want to win this for myself as I am getting older and my hair is thinning.

  6. I'd like to win this for myself. My hair is seriously thinning. :(

  7. I would like to win this for myself!


  8. i would like to win this for my boyfriend