Monday, February 16, 2015

Technoskin 3DS XL Gamer Travel Case Review

Woohoo!! It finally came. I got the awesome opportunity to try out this 3DS XL Travel case by a company called Technoskin. Well, I really wanted the case for my boyfriend's 3DS because I have the older one but it could still fit it in there if I wanted. I was just tired of his 3DS sitting in the tiny drawer of his desk where it was crowded with papers and knick knacks. A 3DS is super expensive and you know I already have had bad experiences with systems breaking for no reason. *cough  Wii, XBox360 cough* I swear systems these days are just too delicate but that's a different story.

Anyway, this carrying case is so cute!! I say cute because the straps on it make it look like a little black purse. So yeah, for all my lady gamers this is THE one. If you're a guy, that's no problem because the straps actually detach by metal clips and you can carry it regularly.

This travel case has a space for up to 8 game cartridges. It's padded on the side that it touches the DS pouch area to keep it safe. The whole thing is lined with soft microfiber material as well. There is also a compartment to store all your wires for your DS on the other side of the cartridge spot. The zippers going around it are high quality and zip up everything securely. The case has a hard shell but a soft nylon material so even if you drop the case everything inside should be fine. Whether you need to travel or keep your handheld safe at home this would be perfect.

This case is just spectacular all around. It comfortably holds any one of the following DS systems including the NEW 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, 3DS XL, 3DSLL, 3DS, DSiXL, DSiLL, DSi, DS Lite, or DS. Whatever you have it will be so awesome to have for your stuff. #technoskin3ds

You can BUY your own Technoskin 3DS XL Travel Case on Amazon here:

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