Thursday, February 5, 2015

48 Premium Chalkboard Labels by KANVAS - Stickers Review

These labels are so much fun to use ! I've already tried a different brand and now I'm getting to try this one. Chalkboard paint is fun for painting items but when you only need one spot in the middle these stickers are a lot more easy to work with. You do need a chalkboard pen marker to write on these labels if you want to get that perfect effect though and these do not come with that. You can probably pick one up from Michaels or AC moore craft store though.

You know when you buy a candle and it has their ugly labels in the front? Yeah, thats what happened with me and I tried to peel it off but it wasn't working very well. I decided it would be perfect to just slap one of these chalkboard paint labels over it instead. The labels were very easy to write on and peel off.

You can also use the square ones and cut them into any size you need like I did here. They were a little big for my candle glass so I just trimmed it and it still came out cute looking. You can do so many different things with these labels to make things look neat and organized.#kanvaslabels

You can buy your own set of Chalkboard labels here on Amazon :

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