Monday, February 23, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil - Large 16 oz bottle Review

I got to try out this awesome fractionated coconut oil from Invivo. I was looking to do massages with it but that doesn't stop there. Fractionated coconut oil has so many uses. This type of coconut oil is one in which manufacturers remove all of the long-chain fatty acids to retain only its fraction of caprylic and capric acid. They do this to lower its melting point so people can use the oil in liquid form. Fractionated is used most often as a superfatting oil in soaps; in skin-care lotions, cream and similar products to give emolliency; in massage oil blends (famous for not staining the sheets); as a carrier oil for essential oils, vitamins and actives; and in medicines. It is not recommended for consumption since it is stripped of the important long-chain fatty acids and lauric acid.

Just a little tip you should think about is going for a bottle that's colored instead of a clear one. Clear bottles can be penetrated with sun light and that will make the oil go bad. My solution for you is if you go with a clear bottle is to make sure you store the bottle in a cabinet or drawer out of view from the sun.  The oil itself is really high quality and found that it was perfect for massage use. I could use it right in my bed without worrying about it staining the bed sheets. What's also great is fractionated oil is usually cheaper than the other kinds of oils. You can customize it if you want with other essential oils to give it a nice scent. This really doesn't smell like coconut. I like making my own scents anyhow.

If you're into DIY soaps or lip balms this could also be helpful for crafting those things. I might consider trying it for those types of things later on but for now I'm loving it just for massage purposes.  #coconutoilfractionated

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