Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seeds of Love Greeting Cards Review

Wow, these seed packet greeting cards are so awesome and unique. It's such a simple idea behind it but very thoughtful. There is a seed packet for many different types of occasions. I hope they decide to come out with more occasion types. The designs on the seed packet themselves are very pretty. I was never keen on giving out boring cards for different special days in our lives but these are interesting. I'm going to keep one of the packets and plant the seeds to see how the flowers turn out but that will take some time to sprout. I also think a neat idea would be for them to customize the seeds inside the packets like corresponding to the type of holiday its for. Who knows maybe in the future it would be a good idea. A high quality gift for the special people in your lives. #seedsoflove

 You can buy your own box of 10 Seed greeting cards on Amazon here:

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