Thursday, February 19, 2015

Discover with Dr. Cool Insect Excavation Kit Review

I am so thrilled to have been trying this awesomely cool education toy with my child. This is the Real Bug Dig Kit from a company called Dr. Cool. This company provides many different science kits for various learning adventures. So basically your child gets to play a paleontologist and dig within this beetle shaped block. The kit comes with  three different tools to help them out on their task. It comes with a magnifying glass, a brush to brush off debris while digging and a chipping/digging tool. There is a fold up environment for show once you dig out the bugs. There is a guide to educate your child through everything and an activity booklet they can work through.

I think my 11 year old was just mainly wanting to dig open the beetle and find the bugs inside. If you have younger children they may be more interested in the books to go through the activities. She kind of flipped through the book pointing out things here and there.

Be warned that this activity will get messy. I used a small cardboard box lined with a plastic grocery bag. After digging for a while she found all three bugs. There were two kinda right next to eachother at the back end and another up towards the top middle of the beetle. She dusted the marbles off and got creeped out by the yucky bugs she found. I asked her which one she thought was the creepiest and she told me the tiny beetle was. I wasn't very fond of the spiny spider.

All in all, I think this little science kit was absolutely wonderful! It was a fun activity to do with my daughter and it kept her attention for a bit. I also love how affordable the kits are and the fact that you kind of have little souvenirs to keep from the dig itself. This is such a fantastic way for kids to be engaged and learn at the same time. I totally want to try all of their fun science dig kits at some point. #DiscoverWithDrCool

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  1. Is there an age group for this? The inner kid is coming out of me lol I WANNA PLAY :D

    1. Yes, it's meant for ages 6-12 but I totally had fun watching. I DID want my own to dig , too!