Monday, February 23, 2015

WonderZorb - Odor and Moisture Control Products Review

I got to try this interesting product from a company called KT Chemicals called WonderZorb. I was interested in this because I have a problem with bad smells forming in my refrigerator after a while or certain foods lay out in there. My biggest problem is opening a really big pack of chicken breasts and not cooking the whole thing so I have to stick it back in my refrigerator until I need it again (within a couple of days). Well, when you leave raw chicken breasts open in a refrigerator like that you will start to notice a funky smell accumulating. At it's worst the smell will escape every time you open the door and whoosh out into the other areas of the house for a little bit. It's just really terrible to smell.

WonderZorb is all natural, non-toxic odor and moisture control product. Each pouch contains a natural mineral that attracts and absorbs odors, moisture and mildew. I would never want to use an air freshener spray in my refrigerator so this is pretty much the best solution for me.

As you can see the pouch fits perfectly in your side door or you can even put it in the back of your refrigerator in a small plastic container. I was pleased at how well the product performed. It left the inside of my refrigerator very neutral smelling even with a pack of open meat in there. I highly recommend this for your needs. It's safe and it works. #WonderZorb

WonderZorb is  re-usable!
The initial pouch lasts anywhere from 6-8 months. When you feel that the pouch isn't as effective anymore, place it in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours OR place it in the oven at 200 degrees for at least 1 hour.  The heat removes everything absorbed and replenishes it allowing you to reuse over and over again. This will save you lots of money and frustration.

Also, if the pouch happens to break or tear or just gets too old to use, you can place the "rocks" inside any porous bag such as panty hose.


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