Monday, February 2, 2015

Kukpo High Quality FDA Approved Non-Stick Silicone baking mats Review

So I make a lot of pizza in the oven and I was looking for something to help me make them easily. If you use regular aluminum foil with pizza they usually just get stuck to the foil which makes it annoying to pull up and you may lose pieces. I have been using non stick aluminum foil with my pizza but it's kind of expensive. I opted for these mats because I thought it would be more cost effective in the end and easier to use.

The mats seemed to work out just like the non stick aluminum foil. The only thing is you have to be careful with silicone mats right out of the oven because it gets really hot. The food cooked just like it would normally and was easy to slide right off the mat onto a plate. The mat was really easy to wipe down clean in my sink. When I'm done I can just roll up the mat and stick it in drawer or cabinet easily. This mat would also be great to make cookies or cinnamon rolls. #KUKPO

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