Monday, March 2, 2015

Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set Gold + Silver Review

Any Harry Potter fans in the house? Truthfully, I saw the first movie back when I was in High School and stopped there. Well, I can appreciate cute jewelry when I see it no matter what it's inspired from.
What a great value! You get two awesome Harry Potter inspired necklaces together for a sweet price. They can be worn separately or together but I think they look really cute together. Yes, these necklaces aren't pristine perfect quality but for simple costume play jewelry you can't beat the price. There are some air bubbles in the finish but you can't really tell from far away. The chains came perfectly intact which is always good. The Time Turner necklace has a bar and hoop in the back to close it in the back around your neck which makes it super easy to put on. On the triangle necklace the middle circle part does spin around. I'm very happy with them both. I think these necklaces would make a great gift to any Harry Potter fan. #harrypotter #cosplay #jewelry

You can BUY the Silver necklace set here on Amazon:

You can BUY the Gold necklace set here on Amazon:

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