Monday, March 16, 2015

Orchid Origami Paper Folding Sheets 500 Sheets Review

This was my first time using origami paper. I wanted to pick up a new hobby and decided to go with origami. This pack of paper came with a whopping 500 sheets which would provide me with lots of practice time. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. You have one colored side and one plain side which makes it easier to follow folding directions online and see where it needs to be folded. The thickness of the paper is just right for folding. I started out with a simple bunny head instructional I found online and it came out nice for my first time. I'm so happy with this beautiful paper and the fun its providing me in my spare time. Everything was packaged well and I'm satisfied.

There are so many different levels of origami you can do. As you get better at folding you will progress to more complicated things. I went with the bunny head because it looked very simple. I'm hoping I can start making dragons at some point which takes many more steps to complete. #origamipapers

You can buy your own origami paper here on Amazon:

You can learn to make the same bunny head here on this website:

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