Thursday, March 19, 2015

Power Tek Fire Talon Multi-tool Pocket Knife Review - The perfect Bug Out Bag Essential

This is probably the coolest all in one I have ever seen. I am building a bug out bag so I thought this would be perfect to have in there. It is a little heavy but definitely better than carrying everything separately. I love how handy it is. You have to make sure you familiarize yourself with it if it's going to be in your bug out bag though. It can be a little confusing and you will also have to loosen it up a bit. My favorite part about it is the knife. I have seen all in ones with some pretty flimsy knives which are terrible. The flashlight on both ends are cool but don't replace a strong flashlight with this. This is good to light up a close area you are working on with the tool. It's comfortable for me to hold and work with as well. If you don't want to store this in your bag it also comes in a cool carrying case to hang off of your belt should you need to walk out in the wilderness with it. This is just the highest quality all in one and I am glad I'll have this in my bug out bag. #PowerTech

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