Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FSL Xylem Earbuds Review

I wanted some extra earphones around because I can't use my bluetooth headphones with my desktop or laptop. I usually really dislike ear bud type of earphones because they are just so uncomfortable. I also think they start to hurt me after a little while of wearing. These Xylem earphones are not like the rest at all. They are quite comfortable to wear. You also get different size silicon covers so that you can pick the right size for your ear. The wooden back covers are great and let the sound come in perfectly. Mine are two different shades of wooden color which is a cool touch. It lets you know its real wood since all pieces are unique.I can hear everything as if I were wearing a headset. What's great is these earphones have a microphone that you can control easily. If you use this with your phone you can control incoming calls with it as well. I mean, these earphones give you so much quality and features for the cost. It also comes with a neat little carrying case for them. I recommend them for anyone who wants a good sturdy pair of ear phones without the hefty price. I actually gave these to my daughter because she likes to use them while playing computer games and talking through voice chat at the same time.#FSLXylem

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