Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Natural Stacks Natural Whey to Collagen Protein in Cacao Review

My boyfriend was looking for a protein powder to include with his new diet plus work outs. He is the type of person who generally hates protein bars and shakes. It's really tough to get him to take anything, I swear. I told him Natural Stacks had a natural protein product he should try out. It comes in two different flavors which are Raw Ecuadorian Cacao and Madagascar Vanilla Bean. It has no preservatives, no artificial colors, no gluten and no GMO. I personally tend to steer towards vanilla flavored shakes but he wanted to go with the Cacao (chocolate). It didn't matter though cause I was intent on trying it along with him.

Why do you need protein? Protein before the workout can help minimize muscle damage caused by exercise while supplying the components of muscle (amino acids) to help rebuild the tissue. Protein after the workout and especially immediately post training, delivers the muscles more amino acids for rebuilding at a time when muscle repair/synthesis has its greatest potential. Without supplying protein at this point the body will not maximize its repair and rebuilding process thus limiting the gains from exercise.

I ordered it easily through Amazon and it came relatively quickly. (I have Prime). It came perfectly packaged and I was surprised at how huge the bag was. This whopping bag is 2 pounds of awesomeness. You don't need to worry about a scoop since one comes included in the bag for your convenience. On the bag it says you can mix it with just some cold water or into a smoothie. Do yourself the favor and mix it with something sweet unless you're into raw cacao by itself. (I'm a fan of milk chocolate). We decided to come up with a cookies and cream type of mix.

We used three cookies and 6 ounces of 2% milk with a dash of sugar. It actually adds about 4 grams of extra protein which is perfect in addition to the 16 grams in one scoop. Make sure to use a blender when making this because the collagen in here won't really allow you to hand mix with a spoon. I just have a simple little smoothie GE blender I got from Walmart which works fine.

Here's the finished cookies and cream protein shake. I think we needed to blend it for just another 10 seconds more but it was fine. Trial and error. It still tasted fantastic. My boyfriend loved it and he is the really picky one. This definitely helped to power him through his lifting workouts and gave him all the protein he needed to help him with his personal gains. I totally recommend trying it out for yourself. Natural Stacks is a dependable company with excellent customer service. #NaturalStacks

You can find more information by visiting the product page here where you can make your own purchase. The bag goes for $63.95. It will last you a long time.


If you prefer buying it on Amazon you can do so here: 


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