Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Original Buddha Board Review

So I got to try out this cool thing called the Buddha Board. I thought it was really awesome! I have never seen anything like this before. It kind of reminds me of those gag disappearing ink pens. It's basically a board with some magic type of paper on it. You can fill the tray below it with water but I think I like just having a cup of water on the side for it. The paint brush is really comfortable and easy to work with. You make drawings on it and then as the water evaporates the drawing disappears. It's always wise to have your camera ready beside you just in case you want to get a shot of your masterpiece. I really have to say that this was stress relieving to work with. I felt quite happy and accomplished. It's a little tough to control the strokes even as an artist but I think with time I can get used to it and come up with something really nice.

That's the back of the board. It's just a flat black board. I tried to draw a murloc creature from world of warcraft on there but you can see where I probably used a little bit too much water and it ran down. You have to try and use light strokes for it to look its best. I made a simple bird perched on a branch as well. I had so much fun drawing on this board. I did a few other drawings in between but they didn't turn out that great, haha. It will always disappear anyway so you can keep trying after it dries up. I think this is perfect for kids especially on car trips. You can just get a small jug of water and put it in a cup holder and let them draw away without worrying about a mess happening. I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to try it out. #OriginalBuddhaBoard

You can find out more information about the Buddha Board here on their website: http://buddhaboard.com/

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