Monday, March 16, 2015

ShielderCases IPhone 6 leather wallet case Review

Wow, this phone case looks amazing in person. It looks luxurious and stylish. I really am tired of seeing such tacky phone cases around but the quality of this one is high. You can fit a few cards on the left side of the phone case. Your phone will snap into the case very easily and can be taken out just as easily. This looks great especially for a business person out and about. It really will bring a high class taste to your attire.  The leather feels smooth and the magnetic strip on the side to keep it closed was a nice touch. I personally say go with the brown one because it just stands out in a good way over boring black colored cases. I highly recommend this case over any plastic one for sure. #Shieldercases

 You can buy this phone case on Amazon here:

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