Monday, March 2, 2015

Dot&Dot 18" Packing Organizer/Folder/Envelope Review

I got to check out this cool packing sleeve from Dot&Dot. They have so many little (and big) packing/organizing containers for your clothing items. Pretty much all of the things I have tried from them has great quality standards.

 This packing sleeve envelope is so awesome! The durable material it's made of is super strong. I'm loving the sleek look of the black color as well on it. It's like an expandable soft suitcase. I really do love the little plastic insert inside to help you fold your garments easily. I was able to fold up a dress shirt quickly and neatly. This is so perfect for traveling business people. It will keep your dress shirts packed neatly to keep them from getting wrinkled. I tried it out with just one large shirt but sure it could fit a few more in there. The velcro tabs to keep it closed are strong. I also like the mesh part to keep it breathable. The carrying strap at the top make it easy to hold and take with you on the go. I would highly recommend this. #packingenvelope

You can buy your own packing organizer here on Amazon:

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