Friday, March 20, 2015

Henri Maurice Mens & Womens - Thermal Cera Heat Holder Socks - Heavy Weight Thermal Socks - Heating Socks Review

I love going nature walking at all times of the year so I really needed a good pair of heat retaining socks. These socks are absolutely adorable (I have them in peach) and they keep my feet nice and warm. You can really feel the quality as soon as you slip them on. They keep my feet so warm and toasty. I actually love using them just to be around the house as well kind of like warm slippers. The best part is they keep my feet warm without making them sweaty so I am able to use them a few times before having to throw them in the wash. They are super comfortable and thick unlike any pair of regular socks that I own. Everyone should own a pair of thick heat retaining socks for sure.

You can BUY your own pair of Thermal Socks here on Amazon :

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  1. love the color of those socks, and the fact that they keep your feet warm is a big plus too!