Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WearMax Scratch Concealer Review + Giveaway

I was really interested to try out this product that eliminates the white scratches from hardwood flooring. It's called WearMax Scratch Concealer. It won't magically remove scratches but it will help to hide them when looked at from a standing distance. I was provided a piece of hardwood floor which came really scratched up for testing purposes.

The precision top is useful for the job but you have to poke a hole up top to let it out. I decided to just pour it over little by little just so you can get a good visual on how the product looks. It's probably better to just poke the hole on top and then try and cover it with saran wrap or something.

Once again, it's probably better the other way. The way I used it is probably more wasteful unless you have some really big indented scratch in one area.

I think the scratch concealer did a really good job. There's nothing else for me to even say because the pictures do it justice. The smell isn't really that bad either. It left the piece of wood looking polished and brand new from a distanced view. If you have kids or pets running around scratching up the floor this is the product you need to help you fix that. This could also work for some hardwood furniture pieces I imagine to help conceal some scratches. #wearmaxscratch

Check out WearMax's product page here where you can also purchase your own bottle: http://www.wearmax.com

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WearMax Scratch Concealer Giveaway


  1. Our hardwood floors are oak, & I can definitely use this as we live in an older home & I have many spots that need help! I also have some hardwood furniture that have some scratches that I would love to use it on!


  2. My hardwood floors are a darker brown and have lots of marks on them that I would love to hide! Also have a few oak end tables that this could help out!

  3. We have medium colored oak in part and dark cherry in another part of our home. I would want it for the lighter wood floor.